Welcome to PGFracing.com which just stands for Put God First racing. You'll see Yahuah in the top left corner. This is the name of the creator. This site has served many purposes. As of today the mission of this site is to improve your and my life in the above areas starting with a relationship with the creator and ending with a legacy that you and I will leave behind.

I've been studying off and on personal self growth for the last 25 years or so and I've found there is a lot of lies or just made up stuff to make you sound good or sell product, also a lot of repetitive information that doesn't really encourage you or make you take action. I personal like Anthony Robbins and I like a book called Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get A Life.

I've tried several different methods. When I look at my life I feel I've failed instead of succeeded because I didn't become champion in two sports that I went Pro in. Which is really quite ridiculous and lot of people would love to say they have went pro in anything. Since sports I've found it difficult to find focus and each day is a daily grind many times, just getting by and not having enough extra money to do things that would bring enjoyment to my family life is defeating and works on the mind. I've tried setting goals to go after. I've tried the method of setting big goals, setting realistic goals or baby step goals that one can grow off. I find that when I set goals I don't revisit them everyday and just get wrapped up in things like daily living work, raising my son, cleaning, sleep and studying the Word. I find that I'm not contributing to others than through this web page and even though it gets around 2,000 visitors a month you don't get the type of feedback you would if you volunteered at a soup kitchen and maybe fed twenty people and saw their smiles. There is something about being in person that feels much better. Recently on the Sabbath we've been able to do a google hangout which is nice and works with a busy lifestyle. I'd like to see this grow into something where we can encourage each other and bare one another burdens not just through words, but through action to help those who are living a substandard life and create an abundant life for them. Whether that is with emotional healing that is needed, life style skills, better job, or helping them financially in ways that will help them be more self sufficient. I'm going today list my biggest challenges and what I feel are my challenges today.

My biggest challenge is I'd love to race for a living and currently do not know how to make this happen without sacrificing my family time, I also do not know a way to raise the capital or fund this. I'd love to own a racing team. I also find this a challenge as majority of racing takes place on the Sabbath and I want to honor Yahuah, however I have a real passion for racing and learned skill. The Sabbath commandment includes not to leave your place which to me seems like it rules out traveling or making traveling very difficult when it comes to racing.

Solution: I really think my son and I would enjoy going to the local track and driving together on Fridays during the summer. Today's action is take part of July 10 off and take my son to the RPM Raceway - Mid America Motorplex, budget for the day is $50. Also go to Joe's Karting.

My other challenge is I'm in debt so much that at my current rate it will take me seven years to get out of debt. This is very discouraging. With debt it only takes a few minutes to go into debt and takes years to pay off.

Solution: currently I've set my taxes to 0 that way I can work on baby step one of the Dave Ramsey baby steps. First step is to set aside a $1,000 emergency fund. What I can do today is round up all my loose change and deposit into savings account after work today.

Other challenges is I have is I'm currently 222 pounds down from a high of 242 pounds Even at 222 pounds I'm about 40-50 pounds over weight. As I write down my challenges I realize I've really got some bigger challenges than I thought.

Solution: eat light today, 20 minutes of biking at the YMCA


My other challenge is to direct my son into ways that are of Godly character, encourage him and help him have self confidence and skills that have a future in it, and have fun a long the way.

Solution: watch a video on raising kids with character and implement take away

My other challenge is to honor Yahuah in ways that he would want me to live. My greatest challenge is that when I ask for the Holy Spirit lead I get short messages like look up and to the right. I don't get a full dialogue with the creator.

Solution: write down in E-sword, prayer time and journal, read daily devotional Quickverse 10 morning and evening

My other challenge is I don't feel like I spend enough time with family and friends and am isolated, I spend my day working in front of the computer, then when I get off work I spend my time in Word study as most of my friends have family and those who don't have family are still spending their spare time doing things like drinking and spending money going out to eat. Neither of which are beneficial for my family or myself.

Solution: while this isn't getting off the computer, I really don't know anyone locally I can connect to that is going to bring out the best in me so will make it a point to do a google hangout today

My other challenge is I don't have a mentor. I've reached out trying to get a mentor however no one wants to help me personally. In today's society you have to pay to have a life coach or personal trainer. I've tried helping others as I've been told the quickest way to help yourself is to help others.

Solution: making this page today will hopefully help others

So I've listed seven challenges. I'll do my best to list a solution that I can actually do today. I have a friend on his twitter page that says something like making my way through life they only way I know how to. While this is so true for all of us, we need to learn and challenge ourselves. So instead of listing my goals today. I've listed my challenges and then listed a goal or solution. Sometimes it's easier to write down what is bothering us then figure out a solution, then writing a goal down that maybe isn't even really bothering you.