Put God First Racing - Life Is A Race Where Are You Going To Finish?

My friend are you sick and tired of being sick and tired and worn out and not happy with the way your life is going. Is mediocre to low level your name of the game. Are you fat overweight or thin fat living off crap food and stressed out, over worked and under valued. Are you sold out to the dollar? Is your life turning out the way you envisioned it. Has anything great happen in your life? Do you have any friends that will step up for you? Are your children and yourself bored? Are you broke just barely getting by or not getting by at all? Are you ten, twenty, fifty, hundred, five hundred, a million dollars in debt? Are you battling a sickness that seems like it can't be won? Are you lonely and terrified? Where is your strength coming from? Friend life is a race you may have stumbled along the way and if you are still reading this it's time to dust yourself off, put on your boots, strap up those laces and pray for the almighty to put you at the front of line by becoming a real man and a real woman.

The new nine to five

Many of us are familiar with the nine to five work day, and some of us would even love to have that schedule. I was once told growing up by a speaker that came to our school that owned his own business that when he went into business for himself that he was working half days, meaning he was working twelve hours a day. Rest is going to be the key to getting things done and I am redefining what nine to five means. The new to nine to five is getting proper sleep. That means turn your TV off at nine and put yourself in a very dark room, cover your windows if you need to or get some shades if you have the money and get up at five. This will give you eight hours of rest. If you have kids You may want to have them go to sleep a little earlier or if they can sleep in set it up so your kids are waking up at least an hour after you are to give yourself an hour to yourself in the morning to start your new life, the life where you feel energized, creative and happy. So set yourself up for success today and when you wake up the morning click here.

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