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Heaven or Hell

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May 6, 2016

7th Day Sabbath Part Of New Testament

For those who don't follow the seventh day Sabbath you probably stopped reading and are going to move onto another site, because that doesn't match your beliefs. If you'll be patient and allow me a few moments of your time I can hopefully convince you that it's something that warrants further study.

If you would like to learn more you can watch a nice study by Psalm 119 ministries.

A Word For Everyone

I've been getting into the Word, most commonly referred to as the Bible or The Holy Bible, for about 14 years now. My understanding has gotten deeper and I have a pretty good working knowledge of the Word and more importantly a relationship with the Creator's Spirit.

Almost all deep conversations lead to the question do you believe in God? Really this is going to be the most important question one will have to give answer for in life. If there is one question to Ace this is it. I know some people believe that the Word might be true and they choose not to follow God because they don't like who he is. They think he is a mean controlling tyrant that murders for no reason and doesn't want you to have fun. Based off this conclusion they decide it's just better to do their own thing and some people think the Word is made up. I'll give you my top reasons I believe the Word is true.

Or See Ten Reasons In Video Format

Change your life for the better, more than just the Bible.