Holiday Beatdown Makes You Fat & Broke

This time of year is a great time of the year that we get together with family and share stories, hugs and kisses. While many of you probably don't know that majority of the holidays aren't actually God approved. I do believe he would approve of the love that occurs at these times of the year. He does give us His own appointed Holy days where we should actually be doing this. See article on God's Laws Good For Us.

The Thanksgiving/Christmas season has become a commercial staple in the first world countries as a time to spend lots of money and get fat on food, leaving us fat and broke and really not feeling that great after it's all said and done only to repeat this year after year. Give yourself a break don't buy that tree, don't buy presents. If you want to give your kids some presents think about doing Hanukah and giving them small important gifts for eight days instead of one day of over indulgence loaded with tons of presents that will just be left over Goodwill donations next year. Hanukah starts on December 16th this year is the predicition.

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