Daily Encouragement
My Body Transformation Progress

Have faith in Christ. Faith comes by hearing/studying the Word. Open up the Word start comparing it to history to find out of what it says is true. As you compare you will find out that a lot of what is mentioned can be verified. This is not a blind faith. It is a reasonable faith that brings life.

Woohoo. The seventh day of the week. Time to relax and enjoy the day. Don't worry about counting calories. Just enjoy your family, friends, food and brothers and sisters. Give thanks to God for sustaining you this week.

It's the Sabbath don't worry about your money problems, because today you don't have to spend any money any ways. So your all set just enjoy what you do have and take a day off from spending any money.

Take it easy today go for a short walk around the neighborhood or out in the country if you live in the country. Take some pictures and share them with friends and family. Play a board game or some trivia with family.

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