Daily Encouragement

We all sin and we all mistakes. They aren't necessarily one in the same, but a sin is a mistake. When you sin ask God to help you stop and move on to something better. A new life where you can live without guilt and one where you are encouraged.

Fourth day of the week today will put you over 57% done for the day. Since the day is just starting out your not half way done yet. Take time to finish the strong this week. Your just half way into it. If you haven't got moving start now don't wait for the new year or next week or tomorrow you can do it today. Get moving.

How many stocks do you own. Are you leaving the investing up to some manager of your money who gets paid whether your investments go up or down. Time to find a new investor who only gets paid if you do or start researching on your own and do your own investing. Take care of your money.

Have you ever been in a glider. Go to your local airplane small airport and see if they have a glider club. See if someone will take you up in a two seated glider. Be creative have fun do something new.