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Feb 20, 2017

Today's goal twenty minutes on stationary bicycyle with a distance of five miles.

Update: Today I tried to figure out the new bike at the YMCA to get the most out of twenty minutes. The most I've ever done is about 6.1 miles in twenty minutes on a Schwinn Aerodyne. I went over three miles on the bike at the Y, however not sure how far over three miles.

February 16, 2017 Update

The PGFRACING TEAM now has quite a few resources together to help the team succeed. We have a 2016.5 Mazda CX-5 AWD vehicle that just needs a tow hitch to haul the team trailer. We have an older shifterkart chassis and older S1 SuperPro SKUSA motor that is no longer legal however it will allow us to practice. Recently also aquired by team driver Chad Arndt is a newer Parolin ShifterKart chassis which we are going to get a Swedetech Motor for. We are planning a gathering of the drivers and team that is still interested in pursuing racing the 2017 Memorial Day Weekend near Denver Colorado, where we will go to Unser Indoor Karting and an outdoor track to practice in the shifterkart. We will be racing in remberance of our good friend Jeff Johnson. Jeff always brought a smile to your face with his warm personality, character, charm and his good looks. Later today I hope to have a link to a product you can buy for $0.99 cents to suppor the team financially. The product is available for anyone that can purchase of Amazon globally.


Update on yesterday's goal and my progress. I did achieve no fast food for the day so won that battle. The goal to bike 5.0 miles on the stationary bike wasn't defined very well. The goal was to get 5.0 miles however I left the in twenty minutes part off. I must complete the Body For Life Challenge twice this year in 2017. There are no excuses left. I am improving in my diet and my workout and already doing much better than last year. Praise Jesus.


I have a dream to be an eight time Formula 1 champion while promoting PUT GOD FIRST part of PGFRACING as I go along. Goal is to own a team that helps humanity along with having a defined presence in all forms of ladder racing all the way to Formula 1. Letting others know that God does provide and provide hope and love for all. I was watching videos the other day on all the problems that come along with Formula 1 and wondering is that really what I want or would I rather be a weekend warrior. Honestly I'd like to compete against the best of the best I believe. Right now I'm around 240lbs and honestly if I want to compete against the best I need to be around 165lbs and really focus on my body to be competitive. Please keep me in prayer that I may get to a healthy weight and maintain that. That is one of my biggest challenges right now. I also believe it will help strengthen my mindset which could use improvement as well.


February 15, 2017 Goal for the day, to not eat fast food or too much sugar. Also get do 5.0 miles on the stationary bike. I've been fighting a spiritual battle and working on getting out of this funk for quite sometime.

Psalm 86:11 Is My Personal Team Motto