Future Racing #8

Thank you for spending time with me.

My name is Rob Hogenmiller and this site is about my past to present and my future goal of becoming an 8 Time Formula One World Champion. The name of the site PGFRACING, stands for Put God First racing as reminder to myself to never let racing or anything else come before God in my life. Make Him first in your life and all things will added to your life.

Learning To Drive Past
Racing started for me at a young age I suppose. My dad likes racing and still watches Indy and NASCAR. Why Formula One you might ask since it wasn't really televised here as a kid to my knowledge other than maybe the Monaco Grand Prix on ABC Wide World Of Sports. Maybe it was I just don't remember watching it or maybe my dad didn't turn the TV on that much for it. Any how growing up I wanted to race Indy. I liked drivers like Rick Mears, Danny Sullivan, A.J. Foyt, Mario Andretti, Al Unser Jr and I loved the Roger Penske racing teams. Now my favorite driver is Juan Pablo Montoya. I personally think he is at the top when it comes to one of the all time greats. I know others have more championships then him, however when I see his personality and his car control I really believe he is tough to beat. He has a competitive drive and skill. I also am a big fan of Kimi Raikkonen skills. Any driver that is in professional sports has a great deal of skill. It's the little things like drive and the God given gifts that make a difference. The more I learned about racing the more I learned that really you can get a racing challenge no matter how good you are at a local, regional, national or global level there really is someone that can give you challenge if not beat you, so not that Formula One has to be the end all to end all to racing however I do believe that is the Pinnacle of racing cars and I have a dream to be one of the best in history and also I believe that I will get to race in heaven against the pasts greats in competition in heaven.

As a side note I had wanted to fly fighter jets growing up also as kid. However because of the need to wear glasses that diminished, although things have changed in that area so who knows maybe that dream will come true in the future as well.

Racing as I mentioned for me started with watching it on television and in 1979 I believe my dad bought his first dirt bike and went racing. He only did it one or two seasons as he broke his collarbone and his gift from God was the ability to draw and draw great. He still draws today and still runs a small business RCHJR Commercial Art.


Goal beyond 8 Time Formula One World Champion is to make PGFRACING a TEAM that develops a ladder system for other future racers and helps the poor, sick, widowed and jailed or lost of this world who need a Saviour.

My favorite Bible verse is Psalm 86:11. Go ahead take the time to look it up. I've made over a 1,000 videos on my PGFRACING YOUTUBE CHANNEL, which I've temporarily stopped and may resume that in the future once I actually get a real physical vehicle or enter into my first competition race, which is beyond RC car racing or video games, but one where I actually am putting my life on the line. I'm believing that will be this summer 2017 or possibly even fall at the RIGP (Rock Island Grand Prix).

Rob Hogenmiller Racing