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Debated Subjects Of The Bible

Some of the subjects that are highly debated are; is the Bible just for Israel Only, Is Jesus God, Eschatology Views, Is The Law Done Away With, Partial Preterism vs Full Preterism, The 10 Kings Of The Bible, Is The Sabbath Still To Be Honored, Will The Earth Be Burned Up Or Last Forever, Is The Book Of Enoch Scripture, Did Angels Have Sexual Relations With Humans, Did Jesus Descend Into Hell When He Died, Where Do You Go When You Die, Rapture Beliefs, Is The Bible True, Is God Different From The Old Testament to the New Testament, Is Satan Real, The Greater Exodus, Is The KJV The Only True Bible, Did The Old Covenant Go Away, Is The Holy Spirit Female, When Or What Is The Millennium, Do We Need Works To Keep Saved

What Day Of The Week Was The Crucifixion, Is There Sin After The Last Judgment Day, Has Death Been Defeated, Is Gay Marriage Biblical, Is Hell Eternal Punishment Or Annihilation. How Long Was The Six Days Of Creation, Do Miracles And Prophecy Still Happen, Does The Holy Spirit Still Work The Same Way, What Laws Do We Keep Today, Do We Even Need The Bible After 70AD, Is The Catholic Church The True Church, Is Christianity Like The First Century, Are Mega Churches Biblical, Is Abortion Allowed In God's Eyes, Can Women Be Preachers, Are Musical Instruments Part Of The New Testament, Do You Have To Be Baptized To Be Saved, Is There Free Will, Is Once Saved Always Saved True?, Second Coming Already Happened?

Even though there are many topics to debate on the Bible sometimes we lose sight of the purpose of the Bible. The purpose is not to seek knowledge. It is to live the Bible; by loving God and loving our neighbor. Meaning that knowledge doesn't guarantee action. Belief in Christ is a living, active, action or works based faith. Not that our Salvation depends on our faith outside of Christ, but that our faith shouldn't be minimalist faith where we just believe on Christ. We are not to live for ourselves and to forget helping others with their struggles.

James described true religion

by visiting the widow, orphan, the sick, the prisoned and those who aren't as doing as well as ourselves. Even if there are those doing better then us we can still lift them up, and we will be lifted with them. Jesus lived the example of how to love others and showed us that it's not only our actions but also how we think about others. A good place to start is with the nine fruits of the spirit. Starting with love then following, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance.

Sometimes as Christians we see ourselves as holier than a non-believer. However, God says even if we believe in Jesus it counts as nothing if we don't have love. The message of the Bible is love first and grow our faith through the hearing of the word and by the encouragement of other brothers and sisters to be a living sacrifice for God.

What can we do to start living like Christ in today's society? It can be really difficult with today's busy life style trying to even keep up with our own lives let alone spend time and our money helping others. We've gone into so much debt and pay hasn't kept up with inflation. It truly is tougher to live like Christ then it was just 40 years ago. Start with little things like giving to charities or homeless shelters. We can also give your possessions that we no longer use to a thrift shop or offer them for free on line. We can provide kind words of encouragement to others at anytime, preferably before we see them hurting, but especially if they are discomforted. It doesn't cost too much money to visit those in need just to spend time with them.

Galatians 3:21 Does this mean that the law works against God's promises? Of course not. The law was never God's way of giving new life to people. If it were, then we could be made right with God by following the law.

Jesus had to come in our place

because none of us could keep the law perfectly, but He could. When you believe that Christ was crucified for our sins and was resurrected the third day, then you receive the gift of eternal life. God also tells us to get baptized as soon as we can after we believe. We do believe it's good to connect with a community of believers especially a church that has an active faith instead of just meeting to gain knowledge.

Probably the most under taught message of the Bible is it's main theme and that is the Greater Exodus. There are many theories, beliefs and ideas on when or what the greater exodus is. In the above video we present our take on what we believe to be the true and greater Exodus: Jesus Christ.

You can listen to the whole audio right away. At the end of video one you can click to watch part two. The video version is completed yet, hopefully Lord willing will finish that in 2019.

You can watch part two here if you didn't find it okay at the end of part one or you can go to our Youtube channel below. Thanks for taking the time to visit PGFracing, please book mark this site as it's always changing and has new information, resources and insights from brothers and sisters. Thanks again, peace be with you and Yah Bless!

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