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How To Get Started In Racing Karts

There are a lot of things to consider before getting into kart racing. Such as; I'm prepared to possibly be injured as this is open wheel racing where if tires touch it could be a matter of life and death. It's not a matter if I'll be involved in a crash but when I'll be involved in a crash if I compete long enough. Other things to consider is how convenient is the sport going to be for me. Is there a track close to us/me. Is there dealer support that comes to the track with a parts truck or are we going to have to travel far to get to a track. What about the equipment, gear and parts is there nearby support or will we need to order most everything on-line? Do I want to drive just for fun, practice, race days, compete at my level or even achieve the top levels of racing, or maybe all of those. Another thing is to consider is the budget to go racing. You could possibly get on a track as little as anywhere from $2,000 to spending $200,000 a year racing karts with all the different types of equipment if not more considering how expensive haulers might get.

Cobra For A Carroll Shelby Tribute Video

Probably the first step to get started into kart racing is to go to your local track or nearest track on race day or practice day. If you go on a race day more then likely there will be some dealer support and different types of karts and classes to look at to see what might interest you. Before spending a lot of money on equipment take a trip to an indoor kart (check with your doctor first see below) track to see if you like it and if it's something you'd like to pursue at a higher level. You may find indoor karting is safer, lots of competition and overall cheaper budget. If you enjoy indoor karting and are still looking for more adrenaline rush the outdoor karting has a lot to offer. Greater risk greater reward and greater disappointments as well. Next step you might want to think about is renting the type of kart you want to buy at the local kart track, you may find it's a lot more then you thought or may find this was just the challenge you were hoping it would be.

After you've done all that then it might be a good time to buy the safety gear, hauler, and kart you want. Keep in mind you never know what you are getting with used equipment and new equipment will lose about 20%-50% of it's value the moment you buy it, however a lot of times you can buy used equipment 50 cents on the dollar. Since more then likely this will be your first time on a track with an open wheel kart it's good idea to have someone inspect your kart for safety whether new or used before getting on the track. Also other things to consider is physical condition as it's a good idea to consult a doctor even before going indoor karting or outdoor karting/racing as both are known to take the heart rate to extreme levels.

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