What would you really like to accomplish in life? This is a question I ponder on quite a bit. If this is something that interest you; then I believe you have come to the right place.

They say fear is what keeps us from achieving our dreams. Yet they also say ambition can cause suffering. So what is truth? I recently came across a saying: "There are no answers only choices." While this is mostly true I do believe we have an answer in Christ for eternal life. If you'd like to find out more just ask God, or click on a link in the menu. Eternal path is important to learn while on earth.

If you haven't got that figured out I highly suggest time devoted to that. After your confident of your path and of course while your searching it out we want to have a great life on earth as well. That's what we are going to search out for others and ourselves!

Today's Tip - Boost GPA

One way to achieve what we want in life is setting goals. While nothing new there! Let us follow each goal with a plan and also an action we can take. Use a spreadsheet to list your goals or desires, followed by a plan, and action.

Basically what's your GPA? Goal, Plan, Action!

Goal Plan Action