Welcome to PGFRACING - stop messing up! Our source for a better life by changing our minds and learning exactly how to do that in a sweet and not so easy process. If it was easy everyone would be successful right? Step 1

We are what we repeatedly do. How to form good habits and get in to a routine that will reward you nicely. It's easy to say we are going to do something it's a whole different ballgame to actually go out and do it. Step 2!

If we are waiting for that perfect moment to get started on our goals, news flash it ain't gong to happen. There never is a perfect moment there is only now so don't wait to take a risk and go for your dreams. Take Step 3!

Life isn't easy and it may not always seem fair however the rules are setup by the creator and you have just as much opportunity as the next gal or guy. Your level of effort "HARD WORK" and your strategy is the game. Four!

Stupid or being a fool maybe fun up to the point of depression, broke and lonely, so "GET WISDOM" ! Study, take notes, soak it in and apply it. Teach it so you really know it. Stop doing the same thing over and over!

Become an expert and bring value into other peoples lives. Stop serving ourselves and serve others and help them out with their problems. Provide a solution and value that they can not deny but paying a good reward.

Welcome to PGFracing.com a place to find real answers to real life problems. Most of our problems center around us and we can never get away from us. For anyone that has done a little self help or self mastery investigation we find out it is the way you think, our attitude or as the Bible says renewing our mind that makes the difference. How do we change our brain? Well my friends, we do it by going up the ladder or one step at at a time. I know Anthony Robbins says that we can change in an instant which I don't deny that however we are looking for lasting change that is going to get us through to the end of our lives while making next week, month, year, three years and decade better then our past. Everyone wants a better life no matter where we are on the success level. It's said just changing our posture can make us feel better so heads high, shoulders back and live it out!

I came across a profound statement; "self doubt is you not keeping your promises to yourself" or basically our lack of confidence is keeping us from moving forward. If we say I'm going to start a business or make a million dollars and we never do it, then we've brought our confidence down. Many of us say we are going to do something to others or worse to ourselves and we never do it. We tell ourselves I'm going to eat right starting tomorrow or I'm going to get to the gym three times this week and we never do. Or maybe we say I'm going to spend more time with my kids instead of sleeping in or watching TV, but we don't come through on our promises. While these broken promises may not seem like much to us or that they are important, but in reality they are a big thing. They bring our self-esteem and confidence to lows, creating self doubt for ourselves.

Putting ourselves into a perpetual mode of wanting or believing we should be getting better, but we don't do it and we aren't progressing. So how do we get on track? We get on track by setting up easy targets or goals. Setup a promise to ourselves in the next 24 hours we are going to do ...... and make sure it's one that you know you can do or your going to come through no matter what. Welcome to day one of getting to a better life and will see us tomorrow Lord willing after we've done our first success challenge. Read More

"Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life." Pro 4:23 (KJV) - In PGFRACING words 'WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IS WHAT YOU BECOME!'

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