Welcome to PGFRACING - stop messing up! Our source for a better life by changing our minds and learning exactly how to do that in a sweet and not so easy process. If it was easy everyone would be successful right? Step 1

We are what we repeatedly do. How to form good habits and get in to a routine that will reward you nicely. It's easy to say we are going to do something it's a whole different ballgame to actually go out and do it. Step 2!

If we are waiting for that perfect moment to get started on our goals, news flash it ain't gong to happen. There never is a perfect moment there is only now so don't wait to take a risk and go for your dreams. Take Step 3!

Life isn't easy and it may not always seem fair however the rules are setup by the creator and you have just as much opportunity as the next gal or guy. Your level of effort "HARD WORK" and your strategy is the game. Four!

Stupid or being a fool maybe fun up to the point of depression, broke and lonely, so "GET WISDOM" ! Study, take notes, soak it in and apply it. Teach it so you really know it. Stop doing the same thing over and over!

Become an expert and bring value into other peoples lives. Stop serving ourselves and serve others and help them out with their problems. Provide a solution and value that they can not deny but paying a good reward.

So I know this might be going fast for some of us including myself, let's keep the snowball rolling. Those of us from warm climates I'm sure we've seen a Christmas special before so no matter where we are from we can relate to the snowball rolling down the hill getting bigger and bigger with some momentum. Anyhow if we play it safe all the time the reward is normally going to be low. We've all heard the saying nothing ventured nothing gained. So today let's brainstorm something that we can take a risk on. Now going all in may or not be the best way depending on what we're doing. A risk is a risk, however a calculated risk one with good planning and a solid game plan with resources and knowledge to back it up is going to pay dividends.

Just because we're willing to risk it doesn't mean instant success nor does it mean guarantee success. Normally before you head up the ladder you actually going to go down from where where we are at and we have to work even harder and longer and make more sacrifices then if we would have played it safe. My friend and I met today to talk about ways we could start making a living and enjoy the process and provide some better experiences for our families. We both agreed we really don't care about money however we aren't ignorant enough to say we can just get by with believing and good things will happen. You can believe you can fly all you want however you better take off from the ground first.

We don't see geese taking the elevator up then taking off, nor should we. We can believe all we want, but belief won't don't anything for you with out solid action plan that benefits others. Success is not in the works without it and we all know people don't fly without the aid of some type of contraption, vehicle or assist.

Maybe we're not the adventurous or entrepreneur type, or we don't want to sell anything, we just want to put in our nine to five go home to our house make our dinner and enjoy our meal and a TV show and there is nothing wrong with being ourselves and doing what we enjoy, however at some point we all have to take a risk, whether it's accepting our first job, or trying a new restaurant, a new food, a new school. Let's put ourselves out there and go for it and try something new. Let's be smart about it as said earlier, that doesn't mean try new things that are bad for our health or safety. What new thing or plan can you do for you that is going to give us/you some encouragement and hope for a better tomorrow.

Are we saying to ourselves I'm not smart enough or there is too much competition I can't compete with Betty, Mike, or Walmart or whatever the company is, the task, job, or wanting to ask a guy or gal out. If we stay reserved long enough nothing would ever get done.

Don't let others take our opportunities and say if only I had, or I thought of that and never did anything. When it's all said and done create something with your hands that you can look back on and say I'm glad I took a risk. Read More

"He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap." Ecc 11:4 (KJV) - in PGFRACING words 'IF YOU ARE WAITING FOR EVERYTHING TO BE PERFECT BEFORE YOU TAKE A RISK YOU WILL NEVER TAKE A RISK!'

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