Welcome to PGFRACING - stop messing up! Our source for a better life by changing our minds and learning exactly how to do that in a sweet and not so easy process. If it was easy everyone would be successful right? Step 1

We are what we repeatedly do. How to form good habits and get in to a routine that will reward you nicely. It's easy to say we are going to do something it's a whole different ballgame to actually go out and do it. Step 2!

If we are waiting for that perfect moment to get started on our goals, news flash it ain't gong to happen. There never is a perfect moment there is only now so don't wait to take a risk and go for your dreams. Take Step 3!

Life isn't easy and it may not always seem fair however the rules are setup by the creator and you have just as much opportunity as the next gal or guy. Your level of effort "HARD WORK" and your strategy is the game. Four!

Stupid or being a fool maybe fun up to the point of depression, broke and lonely, so "GET WISDOM" ! Study, take notes, soak it in and apply it. Teach it so you really know it. Stop doing the same thing over and over!

Become an expert and bring value into other peoples lives. Stop serving ourselves and serve others and help them out with their problems. Provide a solution and value that they can not deny but paying a good reward.

Yesterday kind of left off on a cliff hanger saying things like Wisdom can't be found on earth and what hope is there if we can't find it on earth. After digging into it a little deeper a few things about Wisdom are there is Wisdom to be found in the Bible in the Book of Job, Ecclesiastes, and Proverbs; Wisdom comes with age, and Wisdom can be had by asking God for it. There are some clever sayings, in these Wisdom books, and understanding of why life can be difficult, what's the purpose of life and how to have a better life then a fool. It's easy to be foolish and not get Wisdom or understanding.

It would probably take you a a couple hours to maybe three hours to read all three books, if that is too much then we recommend starting with one chapter a day in Proverbs, right around five minutes maybe ten to fifteen minutes depending how much you meditate on the Wisdom. Wisdom is referred to as a lady or woman in the Bible and is waiting for you to embrace her so she can embrace you back and hold you, guide you, encourage you, and make you more intelligent.

Once you've made your way through these Wisdom books we may be asking ourselves what's next or how do I apply these to our lives and how can they make our lives better now, tomorrow, next week, month or year? Surely we will find a nugget or two that we can apply right away however it takes time, patience, and a not giving up attitude to apply some of these teachings, like doing business not to cheat people. Many business today basically don't care about us, they care about our money and in my mind this is cheating us out of our money because they really aren't offering a product that is going to benefit us. So having a business with integrity isn't going to be easy. So it's not all roses and candy! Now what?

We've got some Wisdom and we are asking God for His help and we feel and believe we're not making progress. We're still broke or living paycheck to paycheck or worse we're both things and unhealthy or overweight. It's draining our energy or our ability to do the things we once did or have never done.

Wisdom is great and all however with out applying the Wisdom we are still where we were ten years ago. In the video I talk about in today's society it's about becoming an expert and bringing value into people's life. If we bring value we're going to be paid well which is great, although we can have all the money in the world and if our health is shot; we'd give it all up to get our health back. So how do we apply what we've learned into our lives or what is holding us back from applying it? We often hear people say it's fear that is holding us back, I'm going to say that's only partially true and definitely not true the way it's often portrayed. It's often said I'm scared to be successful. I say BS most people would welcome success and crave it. Why I say it's partially true or the real reason that is holding you back it's just plain A LOT OF WORK to be great or an expert at something and in today's global market it's the experts that get paid and are recognized and remembered. Why because they worked for it and can bring value to others lives. It's just easier to be getting by with poor health, poor finances and an average to boring life.

So we are narrowing this down to applying the Wisdom is hard work how do we discipline ourselves to be great or an expert?

    The Seven Step Plan To Becoming An Expert And Get Rewarded
  1. Study
  2. Do It
  3. Journal Keep Notes
  4. Teach Others
  5. Create An Offer
  6. Marketing The Offer
  7. Repeat

More to come tomorrow in Day 7 Lord willing.

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As always love you and PGFracing out! - Don't give up come back later; Hope is real just waiting there to give us a gift. Isaiah 40:31

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