Thanks for taking your precious time to visit and learn more about the creator of this site, by His grace. I am Rob Hogenmiller a former Pro Motocross Rider, and a former Pro Shifter Kart Racing. I've gotten to ride with some of the greats like Bob "Hurricane" Hannah, Jeff Emig, Mike Metzger, Brian Deegan and Denny Stephenson, many more greats. In Shifter Kart Racing, I got to compete with Scott Speed, Bobby Wilson, Mark Billings and Matt Champagne, and many more greats.

Some of my testimony is that in 1995/1996 I was running my own Auto Detailing business for three major car dealerships. I literally lost my mind and next thing I know I think I'm Jesus and losing my fiance, my 30th Anniversary Edition Mustang Convertible, my business, all my motorcycles and most of my race equipment. Ever since then I've had flashes of thinking I'm Jesus. Then God literally does real Supernatural miracles in my life that at times leads me to again believe I'm Jesus, yet I know I am a human created by Him. It's a really weird experience. I certainly wouldn't wish it on any of my enemies as it's filled with a lot of pain and great joy and insights into His Word.

Miracle Examples

I'll just give a few examples of miracles in my life over time. One day I'm driving and I have my first smart phone mounted to a suction cup to the dash and all the sudden the GPS map route pops up with a highlighted route from point A to point B so I figured lets have some fun and follow it. It lead me to a catholic church from the 1800's that is probably the most angelic beautiful church in my state, the same person who designed this church designed the capital building of Nebraska. I had never been to this church, nor was I inputing anything into the GPS it just turned on by itself. So I thought I go inside the church. Next thing I know I'm buying a special keepsake and I'm getting married to Christ. I confess to a sister in the church that I am Christ, she doesn't say no your not she just says Christ is in all of us. I don't tell anyone till today that I married Christ. Not to long after that I receive a gift of a ring with a cross on it (a spinner). (Keep in mind I haven't told anyone till today that I am married to Christ). I have been wearing the ring for years to show without saying that I am married to Christ. Anyhow many more supernatural miracles that I hope to share in a book form one day.

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