Faith It Will Work

Number one in our lives should be put god first. I remember having many things first in my life before God. God is good to us all the time. Thank God for all that we are. Thank Him for waking us today. Thank you God for all the opportunities that lie in front of me.

There is one key to life and that is living for Jesus. No matter what is going in our lives we need Jesus. He offers a free eternal life gift. God allows things we don't understand. Many times we feel like giving up, however if we live for God things will work out better.

God can help you overcome any bad decision you made or will make. It's not over. God's timing is perfect He can work miracles in our lives. And if the miracles don't seem to come keep pressing and endure till it does get better. Great testimonies come from great tests. Pray for God's power in our lives.