Which view of Revelation is correct?
#1 Full Preterism
#2 Full Preterism #2
#3 Partial Preterism
#4 Amillennialism Now
#5 Amillennialism Future
#6 Postmillenialism
#7 Futurist Premillennialism
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  1. (Full Preterism #1) Satan is bound a thousand years which means from 30AD-66.5AD then Satan loosed from 66.5-70AD. Christ returns in the clouds in 70AD with judgment.
  2. (Full Preterism #2) Satan is bound a thousand years, which is equivalent to a 1,000 days (a day like a year). Bound from 66.5AD for thousand days then loosed for 260 days. Christ returns and final Armageddon comes with judgment to Jerusalem in 70AD.
  3. (Partial Preterism #1) Majority of Revelation has happened in 70AD and Satan was bound in 30AD or 70AD for thousand(s) of years, and Satan has been loosed or will be loosed shortly, and Christ will return in the future to remove all sin from earth.
  4. (Amillennialism Now) We are in millennial reign now. Satan bound at the death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Christ in 30AD for thousand(s) of years, meaning 1,000 could be plural of years or unknown. Then Satan could have been loosed around the Industrial Revolution, or could be released any time and WW3(Armageddon) could happen and Christ could return to destroy all sin off earth.
  5. (Amillennialism Future) Christ could return anytime now and Satan will be bound for a literal 1,000 years (while Christ reigns) and released for a short time. Then Armageddon will break out and all sin will be destroyed off earth.
  6. (Postmillenialism #1) Satan is loose now and could be bound anytime for a 1,000 literal years and Christ will return after the 1,000 years and destroy Satan and all the earth will be burned up including all sin.
  7. (Futurist Premillennialism) None of the events from Revelation 6-22 have happened yet, but are strictly future for a seven year (or three and a half year) period of time. Jesus is yet to return and is yet to establish his kingdom over all the earth, in which time he will bind up Satan and reign for a literal thousand years.

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