It all starts with our family and our relationships. Most important is going to be our spiritual relationship with Creator, GrandDad, Father, (Jesus), Holy Spirit or known as the one who made everything besides Him. You can have a better family life with your loved ones; whoever you call family whether blood or adopted or just a family bond that can't be broken by others, trials, errors, mistakes. An unbreakable bond that you know will last the test of time(s).....

By putting God first you will learn to put family first and treat them the way you want to be treated. Just spending fifteen minutes a day praying to God or reading the word of God can make a difference in our lives. I've been putting this one off for a bit, although when I wake up usually the first thing I do is thank Jesus for another day. Being thankful and having gratitude for another chance to improve you and our family's lives shouldn't be wasted.

I'm not anywhere close to a food expert. However what you sow is what you get. Good food in can equal good health out. What you put in the body is how your mind and body are going to feel. Are you going to feel energized or lethargic and lazy. We all want that secret to youth; well a great place to start with that is what you put in your body. Your body is the temple for your Spirit.

There are lots of different opinions on what a healthy diet is. I leave that for you to search out what you feel is best. I just know what is working for me is fruits, with some light vegetables and some yogurt. Always good to check with your doctor before starting a new way of life or diet changes. This is all easier said then done. And I've been putting my food where my mouth is instead of putting my foot in my mouth. Lord willing I can keep this going!

Money while hard for many these days, because of inequality of pay can be a challenge. But as most know you got to have more coming in then going out. Get a very detailed budget down to the last penny or dollar if you can. Use a pen/pencil and paper, or better yet use a spreadsheet, or an app like Daily Budget. Find out how much extra you have each day to spend. If you find out that you have more going out then coming in you'll need to control spending or increase your income. Normally they say it can be easier to eliminate then add.

For many of us we have went so far in debt that we are just trying to get back to spot zero. Keep at it and don't give up!

Life doesn't have to be that complicated. Enjoy life. Spend time with family, eat drink, and be merry. Enjoy life. It doesn't have to be all work. Play can include family time, your money, and your food. It can include your relationships from friends, to committed relationships of dating to marriage. Make everything you do be fun. Even work can be a playground for fun as long as you are keeping things safe and encouraging environment.

Enjoy life make a decision to get out of depression or whatever is holding you back normally it's just the questions that you are asking yourself that got you where you are. Search for better questions and you will get better answers!