Full Preterism In A Nutshell

I recently became aware of a thought process that says Full Preterism can't be true because of a thought that comes from Mat 25.33-34 / Mat 25.46 also Rev 20.14-15 and Dan 12.2-3, basically the idea is that these verses offer a complete final judgment and justification a once and for all judgement that there can't be forever ongoing judgement of souls. It is suggested there is no mention in the Bible of growth of the church after this point, there is a limit or ending to the giving/getting our new bodies after Christ return. However scripture says the exact opposite in Isa 51.8 and Rev 14.13 , Christ salvation, mercy, and new spiritual bodies will be going on forever not a one time event like most believe.

I hope to demonstrate that this thinking is incorrect and show scripture why it's incorrect. The first error in that process that I'd like to point out is that most think that the judgment comes on the living and the dead, which in a sense is true, judgment did come on Jerusalem and those who killed Christ and wouldn't accept his teachings. Rev 16.5-7 Rev 1.7, however the idea that this is world wide is a myth and how do we know because it's not the living and the dead who are judged it's only the dead who are truly judged, so who are these that are being judged?

They are the righteous who were killed for believing in Christ Rev 20.4 , these are the ones who reign with Christ for a thousand years from 30AD-66.5 AD on earth till Christ came in the clouds in Judgment on Jerusalem, and Satan was loosed a little season for 3.5 years. See my Mark of The Beast older videos. So we see the goats were the people on the left who killed Christ and the prophets those who had been waiting in Sheol for this judgment day and the sheep on the right were part of the first resurrection. 1 Co 15.20, Christ reigned from 30AD to 70AD forty years, the idea that the son was going to supersede the Father forever was not God's plan. Christ turned the reign back to the Father and was subject to Him. Here is where we will see the ongoing resurrection found in the Bible and will provide at least three witnesses, Paul here, Christ testimony given to John, and Isaiah. 1 Co 15.22-28, what I'd like you to take or notice from these verses is that Adam comes first and then he dies, then Christ comes and he dies and then is made alive, he is the first fruit, then it says every man in his order, indicating there is an order to judgment, one by one not a final judgment.

It's a process one by one an order. When Christ returned in 66.5 AD there some alive, but just because they were still alive that wouldn't prevent Christ from raising the saints, this indicates that not everyone has to die (or final judgment with no more people) and remember only the dead are judged out of the Book of Life Rev 20.12. There were some that were standing when Christ preached at His first coming Mat 16.28 that would be around to witness these things or be those were alive. In 1 Th 4.13-18 we see Christ coming. Some think of this as a rapture event however I believe we need to interject Psalm 17.14-15 in here. It's basically saying that we are alive can't prevent the resurrection just because we haven't died, again indicating this isn't a world wide death. It is saying that we remain alive when Christ returns and when we die we will go to be with the Lord where they are in the clouds. Let's read to see how the Bible message is consistent and how it fits in here. Psa 17.14-15

So Christ Comes first, then the 12 are killed (first fruits) and part of those reigning in the earthly/heavenly Heb 12.22 reign millennial reign from 30AD-66.5AD/70AD when they died they went to be present with the Lord there wasn't per se a resurrection like that needed to be done for the saints. Those of the millennial reign 30AD-70AD were the first fruits. When they died went to present with the Lord and get their new bodies right away 2 Co 5.8. Then at Christ coming they judge the 12 Tribes of Israel, Luk 22.29-30. These are those described in Rev 20.1-4. Then those in 70AD the dead in Christ rise in at the first resurrection Rev 20.5 / 1 Th 4.17-18. Then those were alive and had fled to the mountains were caught up (raptured) to be with the dead and did not die 1Co 15.51-3. So you might be saying this makes sense, but what about me or someone after the 12 Tribes of Israel how do I fit in when I die?

This is described in my second witness Christ in Revelation 14. I'll try to sum up Revelation 14, the judgment has come on Jerusalem or Babylon the great city where our Lord was crucified) Rev 14.8 / Rev 11.8 , there is to be an Everlasting Gospel on Earth FOR EVERYONE not just Israel, that would go on earth for infinity. Rev 14.6, so as we say in Rev 14.8 the city and temple were destroyed or as we know from history Dan 9.26-7, however after 70AD if you are a believer in Christ you will be blessed and be present with the Lord you won't be resurrected you'll immediately go to be with the Lord. This is the way it worked for all the fruits after the first fruit Christ when they died. Rev 14.13 Hopefully you can see why and what the resurrection was and how it works for New Covenant believers compared to the Old Covenant faithful who were part of the first resurrection.

I just wanted to make a comment on Rev 20.4-6 because this can be a little confusing especially verse 6. Verse 6 is saying that blessed and holy are the Old Covenant Saints too and they to will experience eternal life and the second death have no power of them. Then the remaining part of the verse is reflecting back to those in verse 4, the priest and the first fruits from 30AD-66.5AD who reign a thousand years. It is not saying those of the first resurrection will reign a thousand years. These verse are just showing you the timing of when the first resurrection was hopefully I've explained it a way that is understandable.

The final and third witness that judgment is on going after the New Heavens and New Earth is Isaiah. In Isa 65.17 we see the New Heavens and New Earth have been created, and of interest is that there are still sinners and righteous dying as wee see in Isa 65.20-21. Here we see people will still be dying, eating and building houses. When you are present with the Lord you don't build a house, and you don't labour for your fruit as we saw in Rev 14.13 where we rest from our labour, and we have mansions given to us not building them Joh 14.2 , and our tears are wiped away from our eyes Rev 7.17 / Rev 21.4.

To sum it up when we die we go in the air to where the Lord is from now on immediately when we die if we believe in Christ. Also keep in mind there are rewards and Heaven and your works follow you, they don't save you, however it's good idea to store up your treasures in Heaven, Mat 6.20. You don't store up treasure for an earthly kingdom a Heavenly Kingdom.

On a side note I think the perspective of resurrection probably needs to be fine tuned exactly who was included in the resurrection and exactly when it was, this page is made as the way I believe today however I do realize it needs improvement to be scripturally correct