King Jesus Now

Most Christians believe a dual system that Satan is the ruler of this world and also the Lord is King of their life. As of today we believe Satan was defeated at the cross and thrown into the Lake of Fire in 67-70AD as the Word said Satan was to be crushed soon Rom 16:20, almost 2,000 years ago not our time in the distant future. We have no one to blame for our sins other then ourselves or the person or persons who sinned. We must pray for God's mercy and grace when we do sin and learn to live a righteous life.

Since Christ second coming isn't documented in the Bible like His first coming was, most assume Jesus still must be returning a second time. There is secular documentation of His return. The Bible has over 100 verses that tell Jesus was to return the second time during the original twelve disciples life time. Here are seven verses to meditate on to see the possibility that Jesus did already return. We believe we aren't waiting for Jesus to return and be King over Heaven and Earth, we believe He rules Now!

  1. Matthew 16.28
  2. Matthew 10.23
  3. 1 John 2.18
  4. Matthew 24.34
  5. Revelation 1.1
  6. Matthew 12.41-42
  7. Matthew 26.64

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Good News


Jesus Is King!

Jesus isn't really debated whether He was real or not by most individuals and many people recognize Him as God come in the flesh to destroy sin and give us the gift of eternal life; if we believe the Good News that He did come as God in the flesh and that He was crucified, buried and raised from the dead three days later to be at the right hand of God going back to Heaven so we could have a King that reigns from Heaven, and is with us on earth through His Holy Spirit to guide us and comfort us. We can pray (Talk) to the Father at any time. He has three answers to our prayers, Yes, No and wait. The Father always gives us what is best for our lives.