If you have never heard of the Israel Only view there are a basically three different views with one being a oxy-moron. The first view is an Ethnic Israelite Only view that in the future Isreal is going to be restored to their place to rule on earth with King David or Christ ruling on earth depending on your view. Then there is another view that when Christ came the first time He and the disciples we were only sent to save Israel and for us now after 70AD we just get anhiliated after death or something else we're not sure, then there is the third view which is just like the second except that anyone after 70AD automatically is saved whether they believe in Christ or not a universalist view and we will get new spiritual type of existence after death.

Many of Israel only will teach that the gentiles are the 10 lost Northern Tribes. They redefine the definition of gentiles so it gets difficult to debate the subject when those debating have two different definitions of a a gentile. IO or Israel Only also say that there is absolutely no writings about the time after 70AD and when pointed out scriptures that are referring to Christ time they state these were talking about the Babylonian time because if took a position like Paul who quoted these Old Testament scriptures in his day then Israel Only couldn't stand on it's legs.

Just a couple short videos that have tough questions for IO.