Welcome to a place to get some encouragement and hopefully some wisdom on living the good life. Now we are all human and it's not realistic to be happy all the time or what we perceive to successful all the time. Of course without the valleys in life we can't appreciate the views from the mountains, however with more experience and what I believe faith in Christ we can have more peace when we are in the valleys. I read today that even Christians suffer which we all know that is true and some might say why should I have to suffer now that I believe in Christ/God. Shouldn't God just take away all my pain. If He did take away all our pain and all believers had no pain then nearly everyone would turn to God, but God wants us to truly come to Him because we love Him. I hope to fine tune the six step process (seventh step is a day of rest). Most of us like myself normally work five days a week and are living paycheck to paycheck. Think if we would work the one extra day like the Bible recommends?