Unique design not seen anywhere else on the net. To showcase a Youtube channel with a minimalist design that is simple yet effective for big screen and small mobile screens.

Utilizing a six, three, two grid system layout with Bootstrap technology, HTML, CSS. This is the same site as the previous however with different colors and a different layout. Just a few simple changes can effect the presentation of the site.

Viral videos. This video has over 12,000 views. A simple 60 second review. We have viral videos with over 125,000 views that are even more simple. It's not always about the flash, it's about the content one can learn from or be entertained. Product Reviews

This page is fluid and does not use Bootstrap technology. It utilizes Box technology and is a simple retro header, two column, with a responsive footer layout. Using HTML and CSS. Simple but clean look.

Making the complicated simple. We make simple sites that are easy to modify, maintain, and navigate while keeping them pleasing to the eye. We prefer to use grid system layouts which utilize symmetry patterns that are attractive to users giving your company the appearance of trust and beauty. We offer digital photography and can embed videos into your website as well. Pages load fast as they are not burden down with heavy javascript. We use basic HTML/CSS coding that way your user enjoys the whole process from beginning to end. Our designs will work on any computer, browser, phone or tablet. We can help develop content if you need assistance filling up your website and not exactly sure what you want to convey about your company on your website. Please contact us for a free first time consultation.

Pricing varies depending on your site however most websites will be around the $250 range for a three to six page website. Seven pages to fourteen pages would be around $450. These prices only serve as guidelines to help you make a decision before contacting us. We price fair if we end up finishing faster then normal we don't still price you the overage and pocket the rest. We believe in fair work for fair pay. We can help you set up a Wordpress site as well if you'd like to maintain the site yourself so you don't have to pay for updates. If it's your first time getting a website and you don't have one already we can help you secure your website name and hosting as well. We are here to help you and we welcome all questions. Thanks for stopping by to checking out our portfolio and we are here to help your business grow.

Websites people enjoy and like!

This page takes up the whole screen on most browsers up to 1920 x 1080 resolution, nice for those with big monitors. It utilizes HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap technology, along with photo editing. Also used is background colors for contrast to the eye and responsive for mobile users too.

This page was made for mobile users. It utilizes two different CSS components what is called a media query so the page will appear two different ways one for the computer user and one for the mobile user. The page is responsive and uses Bootstrap, HTML, CSS technologies and different font types.

Video editing. Along with using different type face, basic animation using Keynote, and voice over, sound effects.

Video Editing - Animation

Utilizing a six, three, two column grid system layout with Bootstrap technology, HTML, CSS. Embedding of videos displayed here. The design works on any computer or and is responsive for all mobile phones. The contrast of black, white and gray help the colors pop out of the page.