How It Started - Dreams In The Making

It all started with my first bicycle, or BMX (bicycle motocross) bike. I don’t really remember being on training wheels very long if at all. Not even sure when training wheels were invented? (1949 Just Googled It!) According to my brother training wheels aren't even the way to go anymore. Balance bikes are the way to go. He managed a bike shop for quite a few years so he should know. Any how back to the topic; I would quickly learn to ride the bike pretty proficiently for a four year old, setting up fairly wide tires, two high that came off the back of a 1977 280Z car, and jumping them successfully. I remember running through the gears with my dad from the passenger seat in that Datsun 280Z, left handed (European Style).

I was growing up with role models like Evel Knievel who jumped motorcycles over daring obstacles on the World Wide Of Sports On ABC!. Also Danny Sullivan, Formula Car (Indy 500 Winner), and amazing drivers like Mario Andretti, and Owners like Roger Penske!

Coming soon the full story.

The Ending - Dreams To Be Foretold

Years in the making. GENERATION - X! It wasn't all success there would be many broken bones and surgeries, and even as five year old crashing going down a large hill into to dog dodo at the bottom, join back for more on this story...


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