Many times I get asked my opinion on the end of the world. With that in mind let me share with you what we believe the Word of God teaches about the second coming and what some call Armageddon. Just to be quick and to the point, Christ already returned. If you don't care to investigate any further or just too much to bite off I don't blame you. Back to the point.

We believe Christ second coming already happened in 70AD and the world will never be destroyed. The earth and the people on it will go on for eternity just like Heaven. While this may comfort many that earth isn't going to destroyed any moment. For others it provides some loss of hope that this world will ever be rid of evil totally. As time goes on I hope to address these concerns on this page. Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoy your time here.

There are many verses that indicate action of people after the Great Day of The Lord, or the great fire that most people think will burn the whole earth up. There is more then one, and there is more then two in fact there are a handful of verses that indicate action of people on earth after the Great Day of The Lord, such as planting and the birth of children.

In this playlist we get an introduction to Full Preterism and why we believe it is true. Basically we take the time frame that Daniel Predicted and lining it up with when the New Testament history.

In this video series yet to be complete I hope to breakdown Revelation so we can understand how it has all been fulfilled or said another way that all of Revelation has already happened. Get an easy to understand explanation of Revelation and the resurrection.. Full Preterism.

If you are new to preterism or the word preterist it is basically just a technical term that you are a Christian who believes prophecies have been fulfilled. A futurist believes end times prophecy still hasn't happened yet. There are basically three preterist views: partial preterism, full preterism, and hyper preterism. The first; partial preterist is a futurist and preterist, meaning that they believe most of the prophecies of the Bible have already happened including most of revelation, but that the second coming of Christ return is still in the future.

Then there is the full preterist, which is taught on this page, who believes that everything in the Bible has already happened, EVERYTHING. Full preterist believe the Bible is relevant to how we live our lives and that we must believe on Jesus Christ for our salvation. The last view of preterism is hyper preterism which believes everything in the Bible has happened, but that we don't need the Bible or Christ anymore we just need to follow Holy Spirit lead. - Thank you for spending some time here and may peace of Christ be with you!
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