What would I like to accomplish today? For me today this is my side hustle even though I'm not making any money and spending money; it's a relaxing hobby at this point hoping to move into a profitable web design business. I'd like to incorporate an email lists or some type of chat live feedback where I can communicate with my viewers!

What is preventing me is I don't know how to do that in a way that I like. So when I get home from work today. That is my goal, plan to Youtube a way, and action to implement it before I go to sleep.

So I've got one goal for the day. My other goal is to do two rounds of Body For Life before the year is up, also to limit fast food to one day a week.

Today's Tip - BODY 4 LIFE

A long forgotten or maybe never heard of is a Best Sellers List Book back in the 90's by Bill Phillips called Body 4 Life. The summary of the book is that you eat healthy for six days in a row and one day you have a free day to eat whatever you want. Also you alternate days during those six days of lifting for 45 minutes and the next day you cardio for twenty minutes with one day a week off. This simple and super effective fat burning muscle building plan can change your life.


If you'd like to find out more about the Book you can go here to Amazon.