Column 1

Julius Caesar (Apocrypha)
49 BC - 44 BC
5 Years Reigning

27 BC - 14 AD
42 Years Reigning

14 AD - 37 AD
14 Years Reigning
Column 2

37 AD - 41 AD
5 Years Reigning

41 AD - 54 AD
14 Years Reigning

54 AD - 68 AD
15 Years Reigning
Column 3

69 AD - 79 AD
11 Years Reigning

79 AD - 81 AD
3 Years Reigning

81 AD - 96 AD
16 Years Reigning
Column 4

96 AD - 98 AD
3 Years Reigning

98 AD - 117 AD
20 Years Reigning

117 AD - 138 AD
22 Years Reigning

Julius Caesar is not mentioned in the Bible, but is mentioned the Apocrypha, which counts 12 Kings. The Bible starts the count of the kings with Augustus during Christ birth Luk 2.1 and counts a total of 11 Kings. Augustus is also one of the five who are fallen in Rev 17.10. Rev 12.1-3 gives us the when to start the count of the kings with the birth of Christ. The second king or emperor was Tiberius and he's mentioned in Luk 3.1 and also one of the five fallen in Rev 17.10. The five fallen are Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, and Claudius and Nero. And we know the timing of when Revelation was written was some time between 54 and 69AD as John tells us one is ruling when he has the vision. The one ruling is Vespasian. Rev 17.10, what helps us determine that it's not Nero is that Vespasian did not rule a short time, Titus did. Jumping back to Claudius he is mentioned by Paul as the one who allowed free worship to be a Christian without persecution as he was ruling NOW 2Thes 2.7-8, and when he was taken out of the way the Antichrist, Nero would rule with strong punishment for the Christians. In return Christ would destroy Nero at his coming when Christ came between 67-70AD.

    Rev 17.10-11
  1. Augustus Fallen
  2. Tiberius Fallen
  3. Claudius Fallen
  4. Caligula Fallen
  5. Nero Fallen
  6. Vespasian One Who Is
  7. Titus Rules A Short Time
  8. Domitian Had A Short Joint Rule
    He also was brother to the seventh

There are three kings who were plucked up by their roots Dan 7.8 who didn't make the count as a true king in God's eyes because they were plucked by the roots. Those kings were Galba, Otho and Vitellius, none of them even ruled a full year another reason they weren't counted Biblically as kings. If you'd like to learn more about them it's called the year of the four emperors, the fourth being Vespasian.

  1. Nerva
  2. Trajan - Rome Reaches It's Height
  3. Hadrian

The roman empire continues to grow under Nerva and reaches it's height under Trajan. Then comes Hadrian even though mentioned in Dan 7.24-26 the resurrection and end for the most part was 70AD under the 5 kings.

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