What Day Was Christ Crucified?

The videos show that Christ was crucified on Abib 15 the feast day, which was the preparation day for the weekly Sabbath. The word used for preparation in greek means Friday. The same word used back in Christ time for Friday is still the same word used for Friday in Greek today. The videos show to different possiblities of how you can still have 3 days and 3 night with a Friday crucifixion.

Three Days And Three Nights - Easy Peezy

Contrary to 99.9% of teachings and most beliefs, the Bible says Christ was crucified the Feast Day Abib 15, not Abib 14 the day the lamb was killed. Here are four verses showing that he was alive on the Feast day; Mat 27.15 Mar 15.6 Luk 23.17 Joh 18.39

Verse supporting Friday (Preparation Day) crucifixion. Mat 27.62 Mar 15.42 Luk 23.54 Joh 19.42

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When you die you will still be blessed and not have to experience the second death. We will have eternal life in Heaven with the Father, the Son Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Angels, His Creations and other believers where things will be beyond our imagination. The timeline of the Resurrection.

Hyper-Preterism teaches that the Bible is no longer relevant for our lives, ranging from the Bible was for Israel only to some believe you don't need the Bible you can just listen to the Spirit, and you don't need church or fellowship. Again we are not in this camp. Get More....

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The full preterist view offers a lot more comfort then Christ returning in the future. You don't have to scare your kids that they are going to die in some return of Christ and the earth is going to be burned up and they could die at any minute. Yes sin will be around forever because we have free will, so from that aspect maybe you might not think it's better. However the end game when you pass away you still get to be with Christ. Also it's better because there is no ending to Christ kingdom. It continually grows; Isaiah 9:7. This is what the Bible teaches. It doesn't teach the earth is going to end and a limit to how many people get to live with God.