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What I've Learned In 45 Years

It's been an interesting life so far. At the forefront I've come to realize that a relationship with Christ is going to be the most important thing in life and that this life is just temporary. We can't get hung up on our problems because they are only temporary as well. The ultimate prize is eternal life with Christ then our tears will be wiped away.

With that being said this life for most of us is all we really know and it is difficult to grasp eternal life so we need to make the best of this life now.

My words of Wisdom are take care of your body get involved in stretching every day when you wake up, walk at least 3 miles a day in total. Learn what it means to eat right for the colon. Limit fast food to once a month, eat really healthy. Don't borrow money with interest from a bank, friend, family or stranger. If you get a credit card don't spend more then you can payback by the end of the month. Don't go into debt for student loans, a car, that new computer, or latest phone.

Wait to have sex until your married. Don't do drugs or get drunk. Make sure your expenses aren't more than 70% of your income. Give 10% away, save and invest 10%, have fun with the other 10%.

It's never to late to have a better life and never give up. Praise God, and Pray to God for Wisdom, Health and how to love God, Others and Yourself. Be kind to yourself. Forgive quickly and let go.

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