Revelation a book wrapped in mystery for many if not most. We will hopefully alleviate a lot of the mystery. Certainly not all of it, however I believe you will take away a greater sense of understanding and why full preterism makes sense.

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Quick summary of full preterism if you have never heard of it or just need a refresher. The basic theme is that Christ second coming happened sometime between 66-73AD near the first Jewish-Roman war. In summer of 70AD the Holy Temple was destroyed by the Roman army because God was bringing revenge on those who killed Christ about forty years earlier. Also this allowed for a forty year transition period for the law to fade away as mentioned in Hebrews 8:13.

Three other quick reasons to believe full preterism. Jesus said some standing next to him would be alive when the angels came in judgment for His second coming. This is found in Matthew 16:27-28.

Second reason Jesus said John would be alive upon his return. The disciples thought it to mean John wouldn't die at all. However Jesus meant John wouldn't die until His second coming. John 21:22

Third reason, out of about three hundred sixty passages that support full preterism, is that Revelation says that these things were going to take place soon/near. One of the main themes of Revelation: Rev 1:1 / Rev 1:3 / Rev 2:16 / Rev 3:11 / Rev 8:13 / Rev 11:14 / Rev 22:6 / Rev 22:7 / Rev 22:12 If you'd like to find out more about Revelation I recommend clicking on the chapter that most interest you once available (a preview chapter one up so far). This is a work in progress I hope you enjoy them as they become available - Lord Willing. First goal will be to make a small, approximately hundred, word summary on each chapter then come back and break it down verse by verse.

Even with amazing compelling reasons above: I still leave room for the opportunity that there still maybe more to the story that there could possibly be a final judgment for all the earth. I haven't really found it in the Bible though other then maybe some parts of Hosea and some parts of Isaiah that possibly allude to that idea. Mainly this idea that there is going to be a separate final judgment after a second coming is mainly found in extra canonical books, like the Book of Enoch and Jubilees. Revelation 20-22 also may show some hints of this. I certainly don't have it all figured out and sharing with the hopes that makes what we do know easier to understand.