Full Preterist are those who believe - All Bible Prophecies have been fulfilled, including Christ second coming. Only prophecies that remain are eternal ones; those indicating growth of the church. For example Isaiah 9:6-7 / Revelation 14:13 / Daniel 12:3 / Ephesians 2:20-22. The Bible still applies on how to hear, share and receive the good news that Jesus Is Our Saviour. He teaches through His Word on how to live a Holy set apart life. Full Preterist don't fear a future tribulation or rapture; as these events are all in the past. The tribulation as Christ said, ' was for His generation ' - the first century believers. Not us, almost 2,000 years in the future. There are around 400 verses to support Christ and the disciples who all believed and taught (Full Preterism) that His return would be in their (first believers) life time. Full Preterist believe each day gets better and better, Ecc 7:10 . The scriptures covered in these videos can be found at the bottom of this page.

Partial Preterist - are those who think the Second Coming of Christ already happened and that there is a Final Judgement of separating the goats and the sheep. Also, many Partial Preterist believe that the Second Coming hasn't happened yet and the Final Judgement hasn't happened as well, however most of Matthew 24 and Revelation have already happened.