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Live The Bible

This site was created as a reminder to Put God First in my life and that racing should not usurp His position like it previously did. Anything can become an idol in our lives: something that takes first place in our lives instead of putting Christ first.

This site has been many things over the years and I want it to be beneficial for myself, in a healthy way that benefits others. I would like to do more racing stuff then I am currently, however; I just don't have the zeal or muster that I once had for racing and am finding more passion for Christ & others at the moment.

Therefore moving forward the site will be designed to help myself and others LIVE THE BIBLE. Basically encourage myself and others how to take action not just understand the Bible.

The old site is still here if you like to visit it.

Why should we read/trust the Bible?


Heb 6.13 Pro 1.7

Breaking down the above verses. I like to say that all conversations lead to God. Eventually no matter what we are talking about if we keep going deeper the conversation lends itself to how did we get here or is there a God. In Heb 6.13 we see that God swears by himself meaning there is no higher authority where you can get truth.

Who wrote the Bible?

Mat 10.19-20 1Th 2.13 2Th 2.15 2 Pet 1.20-21 2 Tim 3.16-17

When was the Bible written?

Genesis was written a 1,000 years after flood...

What is the message or summary of the Bible?

Where did the events of the Bible take place?
How can know if the Bible is true?