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What Is Success?

Success Is Defined By Two Factors - Are You Improving Others Lives and Are You Improving Your Life


Sleep Early No Alarm
Eat Healthy
Floss Brush Shower
Nature Morning Walks
One Day Off

Content & Patient
Read/Study Bible
Share Faith

Time With Family
Go On Dates
Communicate Feelings
Go Out w/Friends
Make New Friends
Yearly Vacations

Proverbs One Chapter
Read Books
Find A Mentor
Teach Others
Out Of Comfort Zone
Memory Techniques

Create/Get A Job
Apply For Better
Be Excellent
Learn New Techniques
Exceed Client Needs
Be Unique Standout

Feed The Hungry
Cloth The Unclothed
Visit Orphans
Visit Widows
Visit Sick/Hospitalized
Write/Visit Prisoned

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If I Can Make It Through This I Can Make It Through Anything!

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Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid. You are with me. Your shepherd's rod and staff comfort me.
(Psalms 23:4, NIrV)