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The love for racing. Where did it all start? My earliest memory of racing would have to be getting toted around in a red Radio Flyer wagon. This is the history and life of PGFracing, A.K.A. Rob Hogenmiller. Above on the Triumph is my brother Nate who posted some nice lap times last season turning laps in the Midwest and in southern USA on open timed practice days.

At a young age of four I would get my first BMX bike. I would learn to ride on what at the time seemed like a fairly steep drive way leading out to the street. The driveway was maybe 60 feet long with about 30 feet at the top for me to ride on. I don't really ever remember having training wheels. Just asked my dad who is the influencer of racing in my life if I did have training wheels and he couldn't remember them either. It wasn't long after riding in the driveway boredom set in and I was taking a piece of plywood and laying it on one tire and ramping off, then two tires from a 240z Datsun.

Eventually BMX would lead to motocross, just a quick snap shot of the home track. About the best I ever got was in 1995 after competing in motocross at the age of 9, 10, 11, 12, 20, 21 and 22. In my younger years I never made it past the intermediate 80cc class or the "B" class. In my 20's I would compete in the Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, and Pro-Am classes; doing some local, regional, and national racing. I never did qualify for a pro-national race, however I did have a win at an AMA national amateur race at Red Bud in the big bike class and a 3rd in the lites class. I still think back about the time I was running top seven at a national qualifier and crashed out so really bummed I never made the show for one race. I'd still like to get back into shape and do it. If I can do it before I'm 55.

I'm currently 47 years old and about 60 pounds over weight; so I got to really get after it. I have some projects I'm working on. (See below) Over the past couple years I've been helping my buddy Chad get his shifter kart going and happy to say he finally has got it out on the track and had a few track days already this year.


While it may seem silly or crazy I believe this dream can be rekindle with this hat. I must get 20 of these hats produced and start getting some extra income, because as of now working at a car parts store just covers my bills and I have none to go racing other then maybe one indoor kart race once every few months.

Kart Team, MX Team, Indy, Nascar, Moto GP, and Formula One Owner is the dream!

What I'm working on now.

Getting the KarterWear clothing line/hat produced, restoring a early 2000's shifter kart with a SKUSA SuperPro Honda 125cc motor from that era producing around 50HP!. Also building a 1973 Honda CB 350. All projects are for sale in current status either in parts or as whole.

This is a 2002 Energy Kart in the process of stripping the paint and getting it repainted. I'm not really sure what that all entails or how much it's going to cost or if it's a total waste of money compared to buying a new frame. I need to do a little research. Just moving forward with the budget I can do, which at this time is very low. The kart was given to me by my buddy Chad for helping working on his kart and hopes that I'd also get back in the sport of karting.

I shall either find a way or make one! - Hannibal


I got out of motocross around 1995/6 and haven't ridden pretty much since. I'm pretty rusty, however in 1999; My folks bought be a 1998 CRG Heron ShifterKart with a Yamaha YZ125 engine. At this time the shifterkart class was open to all 125cc Japanese motocross engines. Which reminds me when I go to look for an engine to rebuild this kart I'm not going to be super picky on the engine as I really just want to get a shifterkart going again and while 50HP! SuperPro engine sounds great, getting out on the track with any 125cc engine will be even greater then no engine.

So back to the story, I entered my first kart race at Marshalltown, IA at the Iowa International Raceway. I was able to win all three heat or main events whatever you'd like to call them. That was the first clue that I might be quite a bit better at four wheels then I was with two wheels. Later that year we would enter into the RIGP (Rock Island Grand Prix). I remember someone telling me not to even show up because we had a stock Yamaha and all the other karts were modified and we didn't stand a chance basically. Any how we did pretty good finishing 15th. I entered the RIGP three times with 3 DNF's; two mechanical and one error on my part due to lack of conditioning, hitting a hay bale.

One of the key parts to our success in shifterkart racing was the ability to use Track Timer software. It helped with jetting, tire pressure tracking and chassis setups, along with track map imports and notes, along with gearing changes. It also served as a lap timer when we couldn't afford timing equipment.

I would compete from 1999-2002 in shifter kart racing at the highest level in the USA, setting some track records in a Rotax Kart and winning some local races in the shifterkart. We won the Regional Rotax USA Championship series held in Norway, IL and we were set to go to the USA finals however sponsorship funding ran out. Then in 2003 the rules would change and my sponsorship funding ended as well so that temporarily ended my racing career. Since then I've won a few indoor racing championships and done some SIM racing with Formula ONE; getting on the World Leader board utilizing the xBox platform. I guess the highlight of karting was the 2002 Star Line up of the Rock Island Grand Prix where the whole SuperPro class was separated by just tenths of second. Future F1 driver and an Indy Light driver would be just some who fielded the 2002 line up that Labor Day Weekend. I went on to set provisional pole after the first qualifying round and would end up in the top ten all said and done, and was touted by some as the top privateer in the nation.

Play a part in getting PGFRACING back to the track! PayPal.Me Not a donation, but does help keep this site going, gives me encouragement to keep improving it and Lord willing will bring KarterWear to life. Thank you!
Today I made a financial decision that I've never really implemented before. Other then food, utilities, gas and hygiene products I believe I can make purchases that don't decrease in value (depreciate). Basically no longer buying new and only buying used items from now on that can be sold later at a higher price. I've been trying to get out of debt for almost 12 years now on a serious basis, however my income has never really supported getting out of debt because of making purchases on credit and fighting the interest battle.

Verse Of The Day

Be strong & brave. Don't be afraid of them. Don't be terrified because of them. The LORD your God will go with you. He will never leave you. He'll never desert you.

(Deuteronomy 31:6, NIrV)

June 9, 2020
Actions taken today to help reach PGFracing goals. Got about 5 hours a sleep and planning on getting a couple more before heading out to work LW (Lord Willing)! Made a better plan to get out of debt before I reach the age of 50. At current pace this means I have $4.44 available to spend on gas, phone, website, plates, oil changes, and food which is a shortage of about $8 a day from where I need to be. I restructured how much I am going to put towards debt as of now I make just enough to get out of debt it looks like by 50, if I can grow PGFracing, if not then I'm stuck in forever debt because of interest. Current update about $50K in debt. If I could pass on words of wisdom to my younger self in general don't borrow money on interest and preferably don't even go into debt. The bulk of debt is Student Loan and newer vehicle. Going to see what I can do to get out of vehicle and into something more affordable in a couple weeks LW.

Made better plan to get down to racing weight in the next 6 months, LW. Basically lose 2 pounds a week. I also started doing some Yoga poses which I was surprised definitely helped.

Hooked up Ethernet wire to xBox One so can start recording on the mac with OneCast and OBS some SIM racing on Formula One 2019. Currently I'm going through career mode. I'd like to compete in the next round of eSports or as soon as I'm good enough to run top 16 in the world. If I can get in the top 250 on the World Leader board on a few tracks then I think I'll be ready.

My buddy Chad won his first outdoor sprint kart race in his shifter, he was running second and the leader dropped out. He was getting pressure from 3rd during the race due to conditioning and the engine cutting out, however when pressured; Chad refocused on the parts of the track the motor was strong and ended up gapping third place to finish with the win as first place dropped out near the end of the race. Awesome to see him on top of the box!

June 11, 2020
Struggling with losing weight. I really need to implement intermittent fasting which basically means eating less and getting more disciplined. Today's goal for me will be to skip breakfast and for lunch a banana/blueberry shake and normal meal for dinner. Weighing in around 230 pounds and need to be right around 226 by Saturday sometime to get back on track. Which at my lightest is a walk in the park at my heaviest will be a challenge. I can fluctuate 4-7 lbs in a 24 hour period.

I want to improve my memory these ideas above were given to me with a little improvising/creativity by myself to remember the Book of Genesis or the Bible. I used the Notability app to draw up the notes. I added a note taking to my studies in hopes of increasing my intelligence and also photographic memory.

June 13
So the progression and creativity are starting to pay off. Good chance I'll be working on six karts for the racing fleet and will be a co-team manager/owner of a racing team, although I won't own much of the equipment it will be great opportunity to get karting going again in Nebraska/Iowa Midwest. We have 2 Shifters and 4 Rotax Karts, and possibility of a 250 SuperKart in the works if we can acquire it.

June 16
So I'm getting into planning/scheduling and designing a life. One thing you quickly realize is that you have a lot more time then you think and you can really accomplish a lot in 24 hours. I currently like to get 6-8 hours of sleep so that leaves 16-18 hours a day to get stuff done, even after a full time job you might have another 8-10 hours of day of free time. Right now Taking Care Of Business is playing sounds so good and makes me think of one of my sons that would jam out to it. I recently purchased the Notability app for iOS and MAC. I highly recommend it. Here is the video that inspired me to start taking notes. What I've found is that it's really quite fun taking notes and offers a level of creativity on the iPad that is a little different the paper because you can modify your notes easier. I don't have the high end iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. I have $5 package of 10 stylus from Walmart. I also stopped by the electronics store to see how much better an Apple Pencil. It is quite impressive and while tempting to buy, learning to work with what I have is teaching me patience and also better drawing and handwriting skills.

June 17
Now that I'm scheduling and planning my day I've come to realize that I need to have a daily goal. I also realized that I/WE just want to have fun and make money doing it, while helping others have fun too. Let's do this! Today's goal is to get a list of all paved the kart tracks in my state and then work my ways out to the coasts. Also get an aerial map layout of the tracks.

June 30
I've been getting away from scheduling it seems. I reflected on a couple things this morning. Really health is really important. I tore my pectoral muscles which really hasn't been that pleasant and 25 years ago my life changed. I used to like to run and I think maybe if I get a really good running shoe I might be able to run again.

Above is my last year riding MX before my teen years and would not ride any motocross in my teens.