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The - Dash

We all are alive but do we all live?

Really living life to the fullest and enjoying it is desired by most; yet do we all really live or are we just alive going through the motions day in and night out. If you stopped by this place you are about to enter a journey like no other. We are going to examine ourselves and see what fears stand in the way of our destiny. A fulfilled happy life.

On most tombstones our life is described by a dash. Is this because life is so complicated that there is too much to include or is it because people really don't care about history and you? You have to take control of your destiny. No one is coming to help you out other then you. Take action!

It is a race or a dash, and the most important part of life is to find out why eternal life is where real life begins. This is just training grounds for the real adventure. However you might start get busy living now and start strong. There is no rush. We can enjoy being alone and in the present moment, since eternal life is the offer the creator opportune's us! If there is one thing to get right in life it's the free gift of eternal life.

No Fail

Fears Or Reality

Our are fears real or just thoughts perceived as real that limit us from trying new things? Is your day, week, month, and year a repetitive and mundane? Are you wanting a sense of adventure and new experiences? If you like me answered yes to these then maybe just maybe we should get to spicing our lives up.

Get One Amazing Life

Setting Goals

Setting goals can be as easy as grabbing a piece of paper, or a digital note, making a list of goals and crossing them off. Break it down by daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, five years, and maybe even ten years of goals. In each time frame make one a top priority or top three. It's your life to design; these are just guidelines. Vary it up the way that best suits you to take action.

Goal Example List

Goal Examples

It doesn't have to be complicated just something short and to the point. I used a spreadsheet for the goal example list.

Greatest Is Love
Love You

What does it really mean to love others. It means putting them before ourselves, while not neglecting ourselves. Making sure we are taking care of ourselves enough to put us in a position that can benefit others, whether it's our time, teaching or resources that we share with others.

Success Is One Break Away