Updated July 18, 2021

Added a Q & A to the menu. Most links take you to a video or audio. Computer users can put mouse over Bible verses without clicking, mobile users will need to click the Bible verse if like to read them without leaving the site. If Bible verses are clicked by computer users takes you offsite to the Bible. Which if you'd like more context you may like to do.

I always get the question what does PGF Racing stand for. Well there ya have it above. Basically racing used to be my God, and I was asked in my early 20's if I believed in God for the first time and the next thing you know I'm on a whirl wind of life of struggle of ups and downs for the last 26 years. My answer was yes I believe in God, however I didn't know anything about God or the Bible and I certainly didn't believe in the devil.

Once I started realizing a lot of what was written in the Bible could be verified, my trust for The God of the Bible grew. I became a believer in Jesus Christ and was baptized around 2003, the same year I would give up racing and turn the page to becoming a dad to a great son. So where is this all going?

This site will attempt and proceed to give you what I've learned over the years and let you decide if it is truthful or not. May the Lord be with you! At this time we will mainly be looking at why you don't need to wait for heaven for salvation and joy. You can have it right now. This isn't a Y.O.L.O attitude. It's much much better then that once I believe you understand the true salvation message of the BIBLE.

July 15, 2021

I am working on becoming a UI / UX designer. I'm learning the differences over time. I didn't realize that you don't have know how to do the majority of coding, graphics, or animation when it comes to design. You more really need to understand how the feel, experience, ease of use and how it works with human interaction. I'm currently taking a short UI/UX course and then just getting creative and making new designs, hopefully daily and trying to think of unique ways to make pages responsive or adaptive.

I've been stuck on trying to figure a way to make YouTube videos responsive without Bootstrap. So far I really don't like what's out there as it's only responsive horizontally and not vertically it seems. At least that's my take. I'm sure there is a way or maybe I'm just not understanding the proper CSS yet.


I have another passion and dream to help bring unity to All of God's Children. (Desktop Users Make Your Browser as narrow and tall as possible for best experience, mobile no issue.) I figure God made them all so why not? Certainly Martin Luther King Jr. made this dream move forward and put it in the lime light, leaving a great legacy for us all to love and not hate. Easier said then done for sure. The vision was profound and the process is hard.


Understanding where division comes from. I was thinking I'm going to have to do a lot of reading and studying to understand, then I reflected on the first few thoughts of division in history, one was a lie, one was jealousy, and the other was greed for possessions/money. So basically dishonesty, jealousy and the love of money is the root of all division. Being that we are human, how do we get ourselves to over come F.E.A.R. or to Face Eternity And Reality?

If you are not familiar with these three historical events (if you don't believe these to be historical I encourage you to stop reading and go here. The three historical events were Satan lied, Cain got jealous, and Esau got greedy or inpatient for food and sold his birthright.

I've been watching a lot of motivational videos lately. The basic themes are that it's easier to to tell the lie or lie to ourselves. Basically be average to below average because it's easier to choose may I say evil. Then chaos begins. I've also heard it said if we didn't have chaos we wouldn't have good or control.

I might have to call false on this one and say let us give it a go, and make the effort to encourage one another to choose good. I'm guilty for sure of saying you can't have good without evil or yin without yang or sunrise with out sunset. However the Word says once you enter into eternity, there is no darkness or the setting of the sun. Many people take this literally and I don't believe they understand what God is saying. Eternity has already started on earth once you become a believer.


Full preterism is the understanding that the second coming of Christ ( Bible Study Resources) has already happened and you can live in full sunlight, no darkness and joy now. Your salvation as a believer has already been received and you can have joy now matter what even through suffering. And all things work for good for those who believe. So even if you seem to be going through a struggle or an evil it is really joy, although at times it certainly doesn't feel like it. So don't worry enjoy life now because you are in eternity and will never experience the second death. That is the one we are supposed to be afraid of. The video below is an introduction to Full Preterism.

Overcoming Fear Overcoming Fear bottom