Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Some might say life is about the pursuit of happiness. Which is quite interesting phrase. It doesn't say you will find happiness it says you have the right to pursue happiness. If that is the case and true meaning; does that mean that we are on endless journey never to obtain only to pursue?


Some believe the founding of this phrase means to find your purpose in life, what gives you meaning to bring happiness into your life and into other lives. Not just that you are going to pursue that you can obtain purpose in this life.

Day One


The questions we ask ourselves determine who we will become. What is a hard thing I'd like to accomplish today? What seems impossible? What one thing would I change? Who do I think highly of and what would I like to incorporate about their character into my life? Where do I want to be in a year from now? What weight would I like to be in a month from now? These empowering questions can guide us in our life. With no questions or goals we have no answers.

Join me in my journey of finding purpose for my life. I hope you also will start to find purpose and meaning for your life and we can experience some cool things together. The purpose of this site is to .... Share things I find beneficial. If you find them beneficial for you great if not let them go and hang onto the things you might find beneficial. It is not intended as advice or the be all solution to the mysteries of life.. a.k.a - answers. If you or I had all the answers life would become boring quite quickly. However with no answers and wandering aimlessly we find ourselves bewildered or in pain sometimes. I hope this relieves a little of my pain!


Setting an intention/goal for your life everyday or even a keyword that sets your goals for the week, month or year can get us heading in positive direction or outlook. You wouldn't generally venture out on a ship with no intended place to travel unless your free spirit mindset just goes with the wind. Who knows what life will bring no matter what choices we make.

However, having some direction can help navigate closer to our destination. An adventure of a life time or an adventure of highs and lows and disappointments. No one can 100% predict the future. We must strive to do our best and improve daily. Keep in mind is this day one or is your motto one day. Putting off what can be done today until the moment we feel like it. Then one day becomes a day that never comes. Enter into previous site.