There is a creator (God) who made everything we see and things unseen that are even more amazing than we can see. The creator made us so He can enjoy watching over us and we can enjoy life. One day after we die hopefully to be reunited with Him in the amazing unseen world called Heaven.

The creator gave us an opportunity to enter into Heaven. However it's not automatic that we get into Heaven because we upset the Creator by not following His teachings. Since we we're having problems doing what He told us, the Creator decided to descend from Heaven to earth by becoming a baby through the birth of a virgin. This baby grew up to become a man called Yahushua (Most commonly known as Jesus).

Jesus showed that He was God through miracles and true teachings. Jesus was killed by those who didn't believe that He was God come in flesh. Jesus was buried in a tomb and three days later He rose from the dead. Around 40 days later Jesus ascended back to Heaven, His Home. When He left He sent us Holy Spirit to earth, that anyone can receive a helper/comforter/guide for our time on earth.

By asking the Creator to help us with His teacings; He can lead us to an amazing future life and a peaceful life on earth by belief in Jesus. Just doing good things is not enough to enter into the Heaven. We need to believe in Jesus first and forever.

Welcome to a place to be encouraged and truly understand the Bible. We recommend starting with the greater exodus; to glimpse the reality of Christ. Also maybe a surprise to you is the second coming of Christ has already happened.

Some might say if Christ already returned what hope is there for me now with all the sin in the world. The belief that Christ returned is a better hope, you don't have to wait for heaven to experience joy. We have it right now being part of the eternal kingdom. Christ is king over all the earth. Also we believe you don't have to battle Satan anymore. Christ defeated Satan and the battle we face is sin from our own hearts separates us from God. By turning to Christ he can help us with our sin nature and reunite us with the Father.

We currently believe in Full Preterism; that ALL of the Bible prophecies have already happened including the Return Of Jesus Christ in 70AD. What about believers after Christ second coming in 70AD what hope is there for them/us? God tells us in Revelation 14.13 "I heard a voice from heaven saying, "Write, 'Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.'" "Yes," says the Spirit, "that they may rest from their labors; for their works do follow them.""

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When you die you will still be blessed and not have to experience the second death. We will have eternal life in Heaven with the Father, the Son Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Angels, His Creations and other believers where things will be beyond our imagination. The timeline of the Resurrection.

Hyper-Preterism teaches that the Bible is no longer relevant for our lives, ranging from the Bible was for Israel only to some believe you don't need the Bible you can just listen to the Spirit, and you don't need church or fellowship. Again we are not in this camp.

Thank you for stopping by and spending time in the Word. You are valued. You are loved by God. We are thankful for you. Please go out and seize the day!

The full preterist view offers a lot more comfort then Christ returning in the future. You don't have to scare your kids that they are going to die in some return of Christ and the earth is going to be burned up and they could die at any minute. Yes sin will be around forever because we have free will, so from that aspect maybe you might not think it's better. However the end game when you pass away you still get to be with Christ. Also it's better because there is no ending to Christ kingdom. It continually grows; Isaiah 9:7. This is what the Bible teaches. It doesn't teach the earth is going to end and a limit to how many people get to live with God.