What Do You See

What message is being conveyed to you through this creation?

Peace and blessings to all of earth.Take a deep breath and tell Yah any fears, concerns, anxious thoughts and listen for his voice after you breath out.

Listen To An Encouraging Song

Life is about decisions. As we grow older we realize our decisions have consequences. For many of us we feel like we can't control our lives, our decisions, that we aren't motivated enough, we don't have a vision, or have the energy to go after our goals. As the old saying goes if it was easy everyone would be doing it. How do we get to ourselves to take action?

We can get bogged down in what is called stinking thinking or negative thoughts which lead to being stuck in a rut or compounding depression. To get ourselves to take action we are going to have to change our minds, and rewire them.

Finally, my brothers and sisters, always think about what is true. Think about what is noble, right and pure. Think about what is lovely and worthy of respect. If anything is excellent or worthy of praise, think about those kinds of things. (Philippians 4:8, NIrV)


You can watch a motivational video, or you can tell yourself to stop thinking negative thoughts, or I'm going to do it this time. Or you get started and one day, maybe two weeks later, or a month if you are lucky you are back to the old routine.

Does it really come down to how bad you want it? Or is there more to it?

Sleep Exercise Diet

These three categories can change our way of life and change our motivation/energy and vision for life.


As we age we need a little less sleep. Extreme athletes I've heard get about twelve hours sleep a day. However most of us are going to do really well around eight hours of sleep. Some of us can get by with six hours of sleep just depends we are all unique. Find your sweet spot and try to go to bed at the same time every day and wake up at the same time every day.



More to come Lord Willing .....