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Welcome to PGFRACING. I'm hoping to share my experience with SIM racing in efforts to help you go quicker, be stronger and faster not just on the track; also off the track and most importantly how win the race of life! So here we go. Where to start? It's a short story believe it or not that begins around 7,000 years ago when in Genesis 1.1 "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." Wow did I just really go there. I couldn't think of a better place to start. So now what? How did Rob Hogenmiller come to be a great competitor? I've been fortunate to compete with a former Formula One/Nascar/Indy Lights drivers at the Rock Island Grand Prix in Shifter Karts while momentarily securing pole after the first qualifying group of 2002, the year of the Red Bull Driver Search for an American Formula One Driver. Stop back later to find out the rest of the story....

Psalm 103.1-5


Your goals plans and actions can have a great influence on the choices you make in life. Results may vary. There are no answers in life only choices. We don't even know what Heaven will be like, we just know it will be beyond our imagination awesome! More coming soon Lord Willing!

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Fanatec VS. Logitech

The past few weeks I've been trying my best at Austria the Red Bull ring in the Simulator on F1 2021. With the Logitech G29 with some mods I was able to best a lap of 1:03.520. Then a week ago I got an upgrade to DD Pro Fanatec wheel and pedals with an PS4 Formula Wheel. During this week I've been able to best a 1:03.524. What I noticed is that the Fanatec you can precisely put the car where you want before turn in compared to the Logitech G29, however coming out of the corners and the straight line speed doesn't seem to be as good, therefore at this particular track I couldn't beat the Logitech. However I tried the Netherlands and bested my Logitech time by a couple tenths.