Welcome to PGFracing, which just stands for Put God First Racing, with a history in pro-am motocross and pro shifter karting. Now switching focus to search out the truth of the scriptures and share Jesus is the way to eternal life. We will look at highly debated subjects in efforts to become more one minded so we can move on from debate and focus on the most important part of Christ's message; love God and love your neighbor as yourself.

John 3:16 is going to be the most famous verse in our times and really is the heart of Christ message. If you're not familiar with the Red Words, these are the Words Christ speaks. I'd like to encourage you to get a free on-line Bible Study software called E-Sword, there is it's cousin for the Mac E-Sword X which does cost however you can get versions for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac also. It currently doesn't auto sync, but you can manually sync files and notes. MySword is great for android. For Devotionals and reading plans Bible.com site and app are great.

Einstein who to my knowledge wasn't a believer said, Any fool can know. The point is to understand. There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle." Even though I recommend getting any Bible or Bible software, knowing the Bible can puff us up and it's better to understand Who it is that made us. He made us miracles with a perfect design and He loves us ALL. We are beautiful to Him and that is where we need to keep our minds when looking at ourselves and looking at others. We need to keep our focus on Christ and Thank God for everything!

Love like Christ! I believe Christ saw the good in everyone and wasn't afraid to point out the bad as well. He had great insight to our hearts. We too can be like Christ receiving everyone as an opportunity to be kind and with understanding. Accept our differences with more then just tolerance, true understanding that God created us unique with unique social environment factors |Acts 17:26| and family factors that help create us each individually unique like an eye or thumb print.

The Most Hidden Message

The Greater Exodus

3 Guides To Hear From God

  1. Don't Do Anything That Goes Against Word Of God
  2. Don't Do Anything That Would Hurt Someone Else Or Yourself
  3. Do What You Hear The Small Voice Inside You Say To Do As Long Is It Doesn't Break Rule 1 or 2

James described true religion by visiting the widow, orphan, the sick, the prisoned and those who aren't as doing as well as ourselves. Even if there are those doing better then us we can still lift them up, and we will be lifted with them. Jesus lived the example of how to love others and showed us that it's not only our actions but also how we think about others. A good place to start is with the nine fruits of the spirit. Starting with love then following, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance.

Summary Genesis 1

God Creates Everything

Day 1 Heaven And Earth Divides Light From Night
Day 2 Divides Heaven Earth - Waters From Waters The Only Day God Doesn't Call Good Until Day 6
Day 3 The Ocean Recedes And The Earth (Land) Can Now Be Seen And Used
Day 4 The Sun 4 Day, Moon And Stars 4 Night, Are Given For Signs, Seasons, Days, And Years
Day 5 The Sea Creatures and Birds Are Created
Day 6 Beast Of The Earth And Crawly Things Are Created, Man Is Created In God's Image

Summary Genesis 2

God gives first command

God rested the Seventh Day. Adam was created from dust and by God breathing life into him. Eve was created from man's rib as partner to Adam, where they lived in the Garden of Eden; there the mouth of a river came out and split into four rivers. Adam names all cattle, fowl and beast of the field. God gives' his first command "Gen 2:16-17".

Summary Genesis 3

The Serpent Tricks Eve

The serpent which is sometimes referred to as Satan, tricks Eve into disobeying God and she eats from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Then Eve gives the fruit to Adam and knowingly eats too. Eve is punished with pain in child bearing and Adam is punished with having to work hard for a living. The serpent was to be punished with a crawling, and a crush to the head from a son of Eve. Adam and Eve are also kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

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