Today's Lesson

Today I learned that writing goals down actually works. More importantly crossing them off. Of course I already knew that, just had gotten away from that method. My goals that I haven't done I highlighted orange. Then once crossed them off changed the color to purple with them crossed out in red, if it's crossed out in gray it means it's an active link. I also did learn a little more on css coding since I didn't recall on how to text-decoration. Basically just Google'd it. I did not learn any JavaScript today, however I did not list that as a goal so don't feel all that bad about that. I also learned a little bit about doing a TECH unboxing video. The computer with the play button is going to be the TECH section on this site.

I learned that the Apple SE Nike Watch is an amazing piece of engineering and software development. Just a few hours into wearing the watch. I also found a new sense of freedom as I don't feel the need to carry my phone around the house now.

I learned a little bit about welding goggles today and what is recommended to wear while torch welding.

I learned that division may not be the worst thing in the world and may lead to balance actually.

Scheduled Updates

Updates to the website will be done in the evenings with lessons learned and learn will be written in the morning after waking up and spending just a few minutes with God.

Watch my progression/goals.

Yesterday's Lesson