One thing I hear myself and many studier of the Bible say; 'is the more we know the more we realize the less we know'. So keep in mind we are just doing our best to share what we know and have much to learn ourselves and are not beyond correction or making errors.

We believe the Word of God is without errors. We do believe translations may have errors, therefore it is good to use several translations to help understand and get the true meaning of the Word of God. We are not KJV only however it can be a goto compared to easy versions.

Our Bible study group is composed of full and partial preterist, historicist, and futurist. We strive to understand each other's beliefs; keeping an open mind to truth. As truth shall set you free. If you'd like an invite to the discord channel or Zoom studies contact me on twitter.

Discussing Matthew 1 & 2

The return to the land may not be what most people think about when they think about a return to the land of Israel in fact it's still being fulfilled today as it was in the first century during Christ time.

This video walks you through a covenantal point of view why a return of Israel to the land is Jesus (the whole earth and the body of Christ. The living waters going forth from the new temple.)

The video starts shortly before the discussion of the return to the land or the Greater Exodus. For more on the Greater Exodus check out Commandment Keeper on Youtube.

Did Jesus Return Already?

Full Preterism Explained

10+ Kings Of The Bible

Partial Preterism Explained

Thanks for stopping by PGFracing. I currently believe Christ returned around 67AD and nearly all Bible prophecy was fulfilled by 136AD other then when it talks about the Rock and the Living Waters spreading over all the earth forever and ever, and parents having children and those children having children and so on. I believe things continually get better even during trying times such as these. All things work for good for those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, (Yahushua by proper name).

I believe the second coming happened around 67AD-70AD and that the second Jewish war fulfills Revelation 20:6 and following. We are living in the New Earth now and when we pass we go to instantly be with the Lord in the New Heaven. We don't have to wait to be resurrected like the saints of the old and the first century believers did. We get our new spiritual bodies (material) right away in the blink of an eye.

I also believe Satan was defeated along with his fallen angels. I do believe there maybe spiritual activity that we still wrestle with because I have no way to explain somethings that people experience that I would call SUPERNATURAL!

Lots of love and peace and blessings your way. May the Lord have His favor on you and your family, along with grace and mercy that WE ALL NEED!

Reasons To Believe God

  1. Jesus is confirmed.
  2. He is believed by the majority to have been a real historical figure not a spaghetti monster like some like to argue.

  3. Archeology
  4. So many digs and artifacts with inscriptions of names of people in the Bible are found, such as tablets and buildings.

  5. The Scriptures
  6. The remaining fact that the Bible is still with us today and continues to be the world's number one faith.


What Does It Take?

A lot of the times we want more and we aren't exactly sure how to get more we tell ourselves (a possible excuse). Many times others would love to have it as good as we have it. Ecc 6:9 says: "Being satisfied with what you have is better than always wanting more. That doesn't have any meaning either. It's like chasing the wind." Ecclesiastes 6:9 (NIrV)

Other times we really do need more because of a position we put ourselves in like being in debt can be tough to get out of if we don't continually make more then when we first started to go into debt because we really couldn't conceive how the interest would effect us.

Or maybe we are just out of work so we need to find a job that pays our bills and then some.

The Key

The key is just don't give up be persistent. Persistence wins. We see this example in the parable of the persistent neighbor; "Then Jesus said to them, "Suppose one of you went to your friend's house very late at night and said to him, 'A friend of mine has come into town to visit me. But I have nothing for him to eat. Please give me three loaves of bread.' Your friend inside the house answers, 'Go away! Don't bother me! The door is already locked. My children and I are in bed. I cannot get up and give you the bread now.' I tell you, maybe friendship is not enough to make him get up to give you the bread. But he will surely get up to give you what you need if you continue to ask." Luke 11:5-8