Faith Comes By Hearing

While faith in God is the ultimate goal in life. There are many adventures or steps on the way. As a former athlete who competed in two different professional sports; I've struggled to find another carrot that interest me. Like many we want to be good at something if not great at SOMETHING, but it's not easy to be great at something so we might try and we give up because it's too hard and we aren't successful. We tell ourselves I'm not smart enough or it's just too hard. I've heard that you just need to break things down into smaller steps. While this sounds good and dandy if someone hasn't done it from your shoes or your starting point before or even if they have it can be difficult to find out the steps they took to get where you want to go or be in life.

Sometimes I guess the best advice is "JUST DO IT"; basically get started, keep trying, reinvent the process and look deeper into how others succeeded; or come up with a creative way to make things happen until you are making progress. It can take years to become a professional or expert at anything. One step, two steps, three steps, maybe get knocked down a step or two; get back up and keep climbing; four or five steps forward!

"The three most important things to have are faith, hope and love. But the greatest of them is love."

(1 Corinthians 13:13, NIrV)

How do we love may be the biggest question. We love through the 9 fruits of the spirit. You can love by giving of your time and extra resources!

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Be a doer not a talker!

The best thing you can do today is to love someone through your actions. If you can't find the time, heart or extra resources, then have some inner joy; wherever you go and that way you can brighten someones day. Choose joy, choose life and choose greatness. God loves U!

- PutGodFirstracing

I recently was inspired to take action to go after some dreams little by little. I sort had given up as I find it hard to keep focus on much of anything for long and here is a guy that accomplished so much with just little pieces here and there.

Here is the kart my friend gave me and I have little money to fix, so we will just start taking action and doing what we can to get it going again.

I am blessed that my son already started taking apart why I'm not sure, but now I'm just going to spend a little more time taking it down to the frame and get it powder coated. I've never got anything professionally powder coated or sand blasted.

I'll document my new carrots: that is basically just taking little actions whether it's cleaning house, hygiene, making money, side hustles, or improving at work.

Went for a short bike ride this morning, about 2.5 miles; which was much better then the goal to go over the hill. On the way back I rode all the way up the last segment hill and to the finish of the route. According to Strava; it was a top three time. Which is awesome because it had been about four years since I posted a top three time. I'm currently 47 years old and like to reclaim my youthful fitness and body before I turn 50 Lord willing.

Eating better and taking in better fluids to help accomplish this. Need to incorporate more stretching.

I have documented some of my fitness along the way using apps like NRC and STRONG. I'll start posting some of the screen shots to show the progress. It looks like it's been a year since I've went for a run and slow runs at that. When I was young I could run the mile around 5:45 was around my personal best I believe. Now I'm carrying around 7 to 8 bowling balls in extra weight and trying to run a mile just is really counter productive. I'd like to get my average up to over .8 miles this year and get pace sub 17 minutes shouldn't be too hard to do Lord willing.

One of the challenges I face: is that my right leg has metal in my ankle and there isn't much cushion in the ankle like my good ankle so it can get pretty sore where it's difficult to even walk; maybe if I had a really excellent shoe and wasn't carrying all this extra weight it wouldn't be as bad. Also my right femur has metal in it from motocross injuries, both occurring during arenacross incidents about literally a year apart.

The goal is to improve in increments and enjoy the process and document the steps along while improving in my film making skills and equipment.

I made a little film today and I'll probably upload it as not necessarily a first attempt in making Youtube videos, but a first attempt at documenting my life and process. I also need to partner with others as I realize you can't go this road alone!

Today I realized even though I've been trying to get a routine going by using a schedule like this I am not really following a routine. This has been a great start and a good reminder. Although, not really a good use of the 24 hours of the day. I also realized that 24 hours in a day is quite a long and you can accomplish a lot in 24 hours. So I am now going to use Apple Notes to do something more like this to set a routine.

Listing To Get Things Done

I've found that I've scheduled things to long to get things done and am struggling to figure out constructive things to do because I'm going through the list so quickly. So listing definitely works as I am getting far more done then I was a week ago. Now to figure out the best things to add to the list.

Strive to be the greatest! Don't give up! Do everything you say or do in the name of the Lord Jesus. Always give thanks to God the Father through Christ.

(Colossians 3:17, NIrV)