Rob Hogenmiller - Three Time Pro-Am Athlete

Rob HogenmillerLocal news compared Rob to Michael Jordan, who is and was the goat with the basketball. Rob also dabbled in two semi pro sports, baseball and motocross. Rob went SuperPro in ShifterKarts and was touted as the Nation's top 2nd Year Aboard A MX Bike privateer by some press outlets, not the goat like Jordan but among the best the USA had/has to offer. Rob had a full factory ride with the Australian company Omega Karts with the Rotax-Max Engine for a power plant. In turn Rob was to provide feedback on chassis design. The team went undefeated regionally, taking home the Chalice and the track record which stood for about a year, later broken by a young women. Rob also raced Internationally once and won that one off race at Mosport Kart track along a prize of a 3 day racing school. Shortly therefore after the Omega American importer had to close doors as sales were not enough to support the full factory ride. Looking forward to the USA Finals against Dana Patrick and the other top karters, with hopes of running in Malaysia in the World Finals. How high can Rob climb the ranks of racing is to be determined...?


Rob Pitched For The Blair Town Team and was the winning pitcher in several games including a victory over the Omaha Angels. In little league he struck out 20 out 21 batters twice, and had mercy on his friend by not striking him out. Rob was invited to try out for the Royals, Dodgers and the New York Yankees. He was not drafted so attended college to pursue baseball further in hopes of playing in the big leagues. Rob is 50 years old today and still believes the Big Leagues are not out of question.

Baseball Motocross


Rob moved from north Omaha to Fort Calhoun just before first grade started and excelled in the Blair Sports programs, participating in wrestling, basketball, baseball, football, track and soccer. Rob achieved the Presidential Physical Award three times. Also was a team member of the undefeated 1988 Blair Bears State Football team as a sophomore. As quarterback of his 8th grade intramural team also experienced another undefeated season. Also, experiencing undefeated seasons in basketball, soccer, and baseball (multiple times). With his best buddy Touch Down Terry on his team the duo were unstoppable in all sports they combined in. The only sports he did not excel at were wrestling and track. His senior year of football Rob, played quarterback, free safety, punt returner, punter, and was on the kick off team and kick off return team, which developed strong conditioning. While physical strength did not really come together till sophomore year in college he graduated with honors in highschool, and kept grades in check in college to maintain eligibility.

1980 CR80 helmet


Rob at the age of 9 would get his first motorcycle a 1980 CR80, and ride on family property and race in Fort Calhoun, NE, North East Nebraska, Western Iowa and Missouri. Rob rode in 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985 then per his dad's direction would focus on baseball. In 1993 Rob would give up baseball to pursue riding again. He rode 1993, 1994, 1995, and 1996 under a Pro-Am license. Rob would grab the whole shot at a couple national events with a stock motor and modified pipe and silencer. He never did qualify for the main event and after 27years of retirement as of May 13, 2023 he officially came out of retirement from dirt bikes and hopes to qualify for a national event.

1985 YZ80

Kart Racing

After a few years of depression/bipolar Rob took up a new passion karting and quickly found great success. His first kart was a 1999 CRG Heron YZ125 package (Yamaha). He practiced at Marshalltown, IA. Sleeping many nights in the SUV and staying at the track for several days in a row in hopes to compete at the top national event. Being new on the scene he was told don't even come to the big national Rock Island Grand Prix event since his motor was stock competing against built motors. Rob qualified and finished just outside mid pack. In 2002 Rob would go on to be on pole momentarily for the Rock Island Grand Prix, this time with near proper equipment, built motor and with the help of his sponsor MBA Hurricane Racing. All said in done Rob qualifed 9th versus the favorite and future Formula One / Nascar driver Scott Speed, who qualified 5th and Scott went on to win the race and Rob would DNF with a 15th place finish out of about 22 drivers separated by less then a second in qualifying.


Currently Even Though I'm in the top 1-3 percent at some virtual Formula tracks in the world. I believe can do much better through healthier eating better, exercise working with a team of nutritionist, nurses and doctors. Here is my struggle.

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