Devotion Today

"My bride, you are like a garden that is locked up. My sister, you are like a spring of water that has a fence around it. You are like a fountain that is sealed up." Song of Solomon 4:12 (NIrV)

The city walls had a strong tower in the middle of it even if the walls were torn down you would be safe in the tower. A spring shut up is a special spring sealed up for a persons heart sealed up for Jesus. You can take comfort in Christ that he will protect you like a King on Earth. He treats you as an equal a brother a sister a special friend. When you don't have anyone else you can always count on Jesus. Even when times seem desperate or times seem amazingly great. The Father and creator of Heaven will be there watching over you sealing you in the Kingdom of Heaven. He has come down to earth to rule and put a fence around your life and protect you.

Good News

November 19, 2019

King Jesus!

Motivation Today


Sometimes we just have to say mercy God and ask for it and let him know we need a breakthrough. When we go through loneliness or troubles it can be hard to think things are going to get better. Just know that God never gives up on us and He wants good things for us. Let's not be afraid to ask for mercy as God is a great and merciful God. Praise Jesus!