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A healthy body allows for mobility, life, and freedom to do many things that we can't do when our body isn't healthy. The body I believe can control or directly influence the other two areas of our life, the mind and the spirit. So we (this page is really speaking to myself and I hope it helps others too) really need to focus on making the body a temple for our minds and spirits.


Why is it important to get enough sleep each day and does it make a difference how the sleep is structured? For example if you sleep a hour several times throughout the day for a total of eight hours; is that as good as getting eight hours of continuous sleep?


Depending on your age the National Sleep Foundation recommends 7 to 17 hours of sleep a day. For most people around 7-9 hours a day. HelpGuide.org has an excellent article for more detailed answer. However the basic idea they say is if your getting enough sleep you should have energy and be alert all day from the time you wake to the time you go to sleep if you are getting enough sleep.


Yes it's highly important. For me personally I have different events on different days so I've struggled to implement this in my life because I'll miss out on certain events. If you are having problems sleeping through night or sleeping in general it maybe because you don't have a daily set wake time. I found VeryWellHealth.com to have a nice article on this subject.


Having a cooler room and taking hot showers are just some of the nine tips given by Health Line. Not napping and not checking your clock through the night are couple of other tips. If you could use more tips I found healthline.com helpful


What can or should we eat that will give us the most energy, mobility and longevity? Why do eat? Is it for comfort, companionship, for entertainment, avoidance of other things, a combination of these, or purely like a machine for longevity of life?

Choosing what foods to eat.

I'm curious about exploring the site "Nudge-It more because of the interesting questions they are researching such as choosing or why we choose certain foods.

The amount of food we should eat.

I really didn't find an article that really hit home with on how much we should eat. I did like the website Prevention.com however, I believe we have a lot of room for improvement on the amount of food we should eat and in the above section the quality of food we choose.

Food Preparation & Cooking

Right now if I had to give myself a ranking on a 0-10 scale I'd give myself a 1.5. One for buying food and having food available to eat in the house so don't have to just eat out or fast food. And half point for somewhat healthy selection. That being said I don't really cook much so that leads to poor health selections sometimes or a lot of the times. I'm thinking the way to go maybe to do food cooking and prep just one day a week for the whole week. I liked some of the things I read when searching out this key at GatheringDreams.com


In the beginning God hovered over the water. The first thing God did before He even spoke was is He moved.

Amount Of Movement Needed Daily

We've probably all heard that the new smoking is sitting to much with a lot of office jobs these days and more manufacturing being automated. According to some recent studies even getting 20 or 40 minutes of exercise a day can possibly offset sitting all day. If you'd like to learn more about the above statement TheConversation.com covers this idea that we may not need as much exercise as previously thought. Now less doesn't mean none (talking to myself here and probably maybe even you.) Which begs the question how do we make it a habit of exercising?

Hygiene Of The Body

Personal hygiene can help keep you healthy and it takes movement to have personal hygiene, hence this section. Not only can personal hygiene help keep you healthy it can help those around keep healthy too. If you haven't seen the attitude video yet, now might be a good time to have a look-see. What am I saying? I am suggesting that maybe we shouldn't look at hygiene as chore maybe an enjoyment or playful time which we can day dream, reflect on life or think about how we are going to love our family more. Who knows the heaven's the limit. There is an old saying "Cleanliness is Close to Godliness."


A great way to start to become flexible or more flexible to help avoid future injuries potentially is to start your day with a few minutes of stretching shortly after waking up for the day. Also don't forget to stretch at work too. Yoga, calisthenics, massages, and many other ways can help increase your flexibility. Move slowly to find out your areas of tension to work on safely stretching these areas.


A sharp and brilliant mind can achieve anything. We need to foster the growth through memory, wisdom and education.






Gather Information

Realize Impact Of Information

Understanding Of Information


Learn Like A Kid Or Beginner

Practice What You Learned Or Teach Others

Imagination - Reflect On What You've Learned Imagine Getting Better


While the body and mind are amazing God says we only need fear the one who can destroy both body and soul. So really even though this is listed last it's going to be the most important of the three parts of our life.


Look up or around creation declares a creator.

Faith Comes By Hearing

Believe In/On Jesus Christ


Be Kind To Others

Share Your Money Or Resources

Give Your Time To Help Out


No Debt

Overcoming Fears And Comfort Zones



An Interesting video on the Global Economy