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This month I have been trying to work my way up the time charts in F1 2019/2021 with the XBOX and PS4 consoles, with a best time of 1:22's.... with a controller on the XBOX using the chase cam with some assists and on the PS4 using wheel and pedals in the cockpit view in the 1:23's, also some assists. 1:25s no assists. The best of the best don't use assists which is quite challenging.

World records are in the 1:19's so we are about 3 to 4 seconds off pace. I've tinkered with different settings just really struggling to get to the top on the Melbourne, Australia track. In the morning after some rests seems to be best for lap times.

According to current world record setting individual(s) having all assists off is the way to go and trail braking is key to getting more to the front.

I believe we could go quicker with Virtual Reality so maybe later this year with F1 2022 and possibility of a computer setup we can work our way up.

Of course there is room for improvement with current setup and learning how to drive with assists off and driving smoother.

Rob Hogenmiller the author of this site is a former SKUSA Super Pro driver with a few career highlights of a provisional pole and top ten qualifying at the 2002 Rock Island Grand Prix , that year still holds the record for most drivers ever to show to The ROCK!

Rob Hogenmiller

Rob set a few track records in karts, was a regional champion in Rotax Max and was top of the class at a three day formula racing school at Sonoma Raceway.

Rob started racing dirt bikes at the age of nine. Riding motocross for four years then followed by a seven year hiatus focusing on baseball through little league to college. Rob would quickly move from beginner, B Class, expert, to Pro-Am status from 92 - 95/6. A little more bio...

PGFRACING stands for put God first racing. I believe all things work for good to those who love the Lord.

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I like to study the Bible utilizing a digital platform. I recommend and use e-Sword software. Free for the PC and low cost for Apple users.

Life is a race where are you going to finish...?


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Up and Comers

Racing takes a lot of practice, skill, hard work and luck. It also takes money which a lot of talent is kept from rising to the top because of their lack of funds or the ability to raise the funds it takes to go to their next desired level. This section will be dedicated to anyone that has the desire to move up through the ranks of karting to Formula 1 or F1 eSports. Why go racing in the first place?

As a veteran of kart racing at the highest levels, sim racing to me is the toughest racing on the planet right now and for around $500 you can use a controller on the XB0X, or PS4 system and go racing in the latest F1 eSports sim. Not all great racers can sim and not all great sim racers can make great on track racers. However, if you are looking to go racing; virtual racing is a great point to start and offers a slim chance to make a career out of it. Yon don't have to spend 100s of thousands or even millions of dollars to find out how good you might be. Of course the adrenaline rush isn't the same, however the safety factor could exceed that rush depending on the individual.


As a karting veteran, someone that raced on a thin budget compared to a lot of our competitors and looking back; I believe sim racing is now a great alternative as the SIMS are getting so realistic with Virtual Racing. It's almost like being behind the wheel in the physical world race vehicle. Even the X-BOX ONE or PS4 offer great ways to get started racing on under $500 budget. If you can crack the top 10,000 on X-BOX on the Australia track in the Time Trials or top 50,000 on PS4; I personally believe you have a lot of potential. This section will be dedicated to helping us improve our lap times on and off the track.

Love ya lots! PGFRACING.